Yikes, here I am!

I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a very long time. And then a few weeks ago it hit me! What am I waiting for?
I have been an avid participant on Face Book for years and more recently I have embraced Twitter and Instagram (I love IG ) so I thought why not combine my  love for Instagram with my love of social media and start a blog. That works right? In a roundabout kind of way.
I think it’s the right time for me.

Since becoming a wife and mother which I love, and between changing nappies, wiping noses and school lunches I lost some parts of myself and what makes me happy. Now it’s time to bring that women back because quite frankly she’s awesome and hilarious!

So here I am. Monday the 2nd June 2014 embarking on blogging. But there are so many questions. What will I blog about?. What if no one reads it?. Who will care what I have to say! Is there a right time to start?. What should I cook for dinner and did I remember to feed the fish last night………..  The point is,  is there really ever a right time??

I doubt it! So for now I’m just going to go with the flow and hope that someone other than my brother and sister will read it!. If you have a fondness for fashion, bargain buys, makeup, kids or decorating your home, please I BEG of you to come along for the ride!

I can’t promise it will be fascinating or cool but I hope it will at least be entertaining and inspiring!

Till next time,

Be fashionably fabulous

Malinda xxx

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