Let’s Talk Fashion!


Firstly let me start by saying that in no way am I an expert in fashion! I’m not passing myself off as a stylist or professional anything. Although you may see me describe myself as a professional shopper, that is merely a tongue in cheek description of how I spend some of my time.
I am simply a woman who loves dressing up, always have! I’m the person who more often than not is completely overdressed because I like to dress up, I don’t do casual very well!.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to embrace this part of my personality and I now worry much less about what people think of me. I prefer to have the attitude of ‘why not’ I’d much rather be overdressed than under-dressed.
I receive compliments on what I’m wearing so I must be doing okay and for me personally it really is as simple as knowing what I like and what suits me.
Gone are the days of being a slave to fashion, today it’s about looking nice and being comfortable. I can remember many a night freezing my butt of in the name of fashion and meeting cute boys!.  No need for that now being married and a mum, but truth be told most days you will find me rocking a pair of tracky pants and one of hubbie’s hoodies! I am getting better though at making an effort and I try a least a couple of days a week and on weekends to look nice or else I would probably go a little crazy.  I always feel better in myself when I’ve taken the time to put on some makeup and do my hair and put on some nice clothes!.

Growing up my mum would would always say to us kids “you were bought up, not dragged up”

She was quite the fashionista in her day, always sewing outfits ( sadly I did not inherit that trait! ). We didn’t always have a lot of money to splurge on new clothes but mum always made sure we were dressed nicely. I imagine she took how we looked as a reflection on her, I do the same with my kids! I guess that’s were my love of buying something inexpensive and making it look a million dollars comes from!

With a little time and effort I think you an always look nice and fashionable without spending a fortune. You just have to know where to go!

Until next time

Malinda xxx

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