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PictureI am relatively new to a lot of forms of social media. Facebook was the first form of social anything that I tried out and I have enjoyed the interaction between my friends, family and I. Especially those who live interstate or overseas, seeing photo’s of new babies, holidays or other exciting happenings is great!.

In 2012 I tried my hand at Twitter but couldn’t really get my head around what it was all about. I gave up eventually and didn’t bother with it again until late last year. Even now I’m still a bit hit and miss with it!. Currently my favourite is Instagram!. My brother introduced it to me about 18 months ago and because he and my sister are not on Facebook it was a great way for us to keep each other updated with what we’ve been doing and where we’d been going.

And so began my love affair with Instagram, which brings me to the point of this post!
One night whilst exploring IG I came across the fabulous Adelle Cousins from @wherethestyledthingsare. The post was for a fantastic initiative called #prettylittlepackage. A very unique and totally fun way to encourage kindness towards each other on social media. So popular was the project that round 2 is about to begin YAY!!. I had such a great time taking part, and can’t wait to go again. I was lucky enough to receive my #prettylittlepackage form Adelle’s gorgeous mum Gail, a lovely handmade apron. I dont know Adelle (or her mum! ) outside of IG but I think Adelle has done an awesome job in starting such a wonderful project.
If this sounds like something you might be interested in joining you can find all the details on the Where The Styled Things Are website
It will make you smile I promise!

Another project I would like to mention I came across via Amy Zempilas  @absoluteamy on IG also. One of her posts was for another wonderful project #lettersformyrafiki. Rafiki Mwema is a safe house in Kenya for little girls who have been horribly abused. The #lettersformyrafiki project has been launched by Chantelle from FatMumSlim and basically involves posting cards, letters, stickers or pictures via snail mail to the girls. What an absolutely beautiful idea to brighten a little girls day!. Myself, along with my 13 year old daughter will be taking part in this project asap!
To find more details on how to get involved head over to or to the fabulous Chantelle’s website

You can also find a whole lot more information about the Rafiki Mwema safe house by visiting

Sorry for such a long post!

 Malinda xxx

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