eBay, how I love thee!

I LOVE a bargain! Let me rephrase that, I REALLY love a bargain!

A few weeks back I was out shopping and found a cute little vintage shop in Fremantle. Inside the shop as I carefully looked around, my eyes were transfixed by a gorgeous hat ( I also REALLY love hats! ). I decided to try on this fabulous hat and as it was perched upon my head ( looking great, I must add!), I caught sight of the price tag. I was horrified to discover that it was $50. I know in the overall scheme of life that fifty dollars is not a huge sum of money, but to me it kind of is. I promptly put the hat back on the shelf and left the cute little vintage shop.  Whining to hubby as we walked back to the car about how much I LOVED the hat but couldn’t justify it’s price.
Driving home, still tormented by the darn hat and going over a montage of outfits in my head that would look awesome with it,  I decided that there absolutely had to be a way for me to get that hat!. Solution, eBay. A few quick clicks on the computer a short time later and I was feasting my eyes on many hats in many colours. I was in Hat Heaven.
I really cant tell you how excited I felt to find the same hats on eBay for a fraction of the price, $10 each to be exact with free postage!. So I did what any normal woman would do and bought three !. I am now the proud owner of three beautiful hats, black, plum and camel coloured.
I have decided though that the camel colour is not really my colour……. I don’t want to look like an actual camel ( it’s all the blonde hair!).
If you would like a 100% wool, woman’s floppy camel coloured hat I know where you can find one!!
Don’t be afraid to try eBay if you haven’t already. I have bought numerous things on there including hats, of course!. Soccer guernsey’s, iPad covers and last month some awesome costumes for our nieces 21st birthday. The theme for the party was ‘Hospital of Horrors’ and along with some $2 fake blood I think hubby and I did a pretty good job and all for under $60 for both of us. Check us out below !

So go on, give it a go!
Happy Shopping

Malinda xxx

* Special thanks to my brother Michael for his great photo’s and fantastic editing!

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