Bedroom Blues

Another week gone and here we are again, Monday! Most of you would have spent your day doing the old nine  to five grind but not me, I spent the day faffing about in the bedroom. Not sure if faffing is an actual word but it aptly describes what I was doing with vases, pillows and cushions!.

If you clicked on the link that bought you here,  hoping to be regaled with advice on spicing up your love life, sorry to say I’m not that kind of website! I can however share with you my latest bargain buys and how I worked them into my room!.

It began with a routine trip to my local shopping center, purely to buy groceries. But as is usually the case I got sidetracked and ended up in Target!. I hate when that happens, funnily enough so does hubby.
Anyway, there they were. Two geometric triangle print cushions in the most divine blue hues. I’m quite partial to anything blue and although our bedroom is ‘nice’ it was in desperate need of a colour injection. Best part the cushions were only $14 each as Target had 30% off. Bargain number 1.

So done deal, off to the checkout to pay when I spotted a vase that would match perfectly with the cushions.Bargain number 2 only $5.60. NO WAY!!  How could I not? I mean the vase was practically begging me to take it home!

And that’s where they are now!. Perfectly at home in my bedroom, brightening up the space and I’m patting myself on the back for having spent only $33.60.

After all that what did hubby say…………. nothing! He just rolled his eyes and mumbled something about more damn cushions! ( he loves me really! )

Check out the photo’s, tell me what  you think? When was the last time you scored a bargain that made you smile, I would love to know!

Malinda xxx

PicMonkey Collage.jpg bedroom

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