Styling Up The Kids!

Kids. I love them. Especially mine! What I don’t love is the constant need to buy them clothes. But, since they are both well past the toddler stage I’m guessing that running around butt naked is no longer an option!

Another thing I have to contend with is having a pigeon pair. This does not really allow for a lot of clothes swapping or hand me downs. I don’t see my ten year old son ever wanting to wear his older sisters must have fluffy jumper or skater dress nor do I see Miss Twelve wanting to borrow his West Coast Eagles footy guernsey or Manchester United polo!. On the plus side however both of my kids ( and remember one is a twelve year old girl! ) are not easily swayed by what their peers are wearing or what label is attached to it!. Lucky for me, but having said that they both know any complaining would fall on deaf ears anyway! Brand names are generally only ever bought on sale and by on sale I mean under $25 bucks and even that’s at a stretch.

Dressing Mister 10 is a breeze, always has been but, Miss 12 I’m almost 13 and think I’m 25 is a whole other story!
Like I said earlier, not because of a ridiculous peer driven need for labels but because we both have differing ideas on what is age appropriate! I know frilly pink party dresses are not her thing but short shorts and a halter neck top are not mine! This is an argument I feel destined to have for a few more years at least!

Anyway, with a little time on my hands last week I went through the kids wardrobes and put together a number of outfits with clothes bought at Target, K-mart, Best & Less and Big W. With the exception of a parka for Mister 10  (Target $40) and a leather look jacket for Miss 12 (Target $40) everything was bought at very reasonable prices and can be mixed and matched very easily.

Check out the photo’s from my impromptu at home, I’m bored photo shoot!
What do you think? I think the kids will both look very cool and stylish this winter, much like their mother! hahaha

Till next time,

Malinda xxx 


2 thoughts on “Styling Up The Kids!

  1. Great post. I bought my 12 year old girls a bunch of winter stuff at Target a couple of weeks ago but we really need to go through and look at what outfits we can make out of it all. With kids growing out of things all the time, it’s hard to keep what they already have in my head! Good school hols activity. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Anna, I’m glad you enjoyed! My two seem to be forever growing out of their clothes, especially my son! I love going over the wardrobe and seeing what I need to add and what can be re-used.
      Enjoy the rest of the holidays, ours have only just started!

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