Three Little Words


After a busy weekend with kids activities and running errands we managed to squeeze in a little family time. And since we have had sensational weather in Perth we decided to take a drive down to Fremantle.

After a couple of hours eating pizza and wandering around enjoying the sunshine we headed home. Driving back in the car I got to thinking about all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for. Which lead me to these three small words, that have such an impact on my life and nothing to do with shopping! Sorry.

Live –  Go out there and live your life! Such a simple thing to say but difficult to put into action. Many of us including myself get so caught up in the what-if’s that we never actually go and do. Life is there to be lived and enjoyed. Stuff what everyone else thinks, the time for living is here and now!.

Laugh –  One of my most favourite things in the world to do! I love a good laugh, a great big chuckle. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of my kids laughing. Tears rolling down their cheeks over something they found hysterically funny or silly. Laughter really is the best medicine, far too many people take life far too seriously! Lighten up people! I hope my kids never lose their sense of humour or the ability to laugh at themselves. Ever.

Love  –  Ahh love, the most sought after form of affection. I’ve been very fortunate in this lifetime to experience a great deal of love from many people. I know there are many who have not been so lucky.

The unconditional love of a parent. The love of a sister, brother or friend. The infinite love that I as a mother have for my children. And of course where would I be without the unwavering love of my husband. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes its a downright chore loving certain people at certain times but I do it anyway because I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Love with your whole heart. Every day, all the time. Even if it feels like its not appreciated or reciprocated. It is, it’s there. Always.

And when you least expect it, love will come and surprise you in the most uplifting of ways. A gentle kiss from your significant other. A big sloppy kiss from your toddler. A phone call from a friend just to say hey or a coffee and a chat with a sibling. Even dog’s wag there tail to show you, you are loved.

Because after all, love is all you need!

Malinda xxx

* Since writing this earlier we have received the wonderful news that our niece and her husband have welcomed their first baby, a beautiful little boy named Mathew!  Like I said, love is everywhere  ♥♥ 

3 thoughts on “Three Little Words

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