Frock Me!

I’m a sucker for a wedding. Yep, I’m the person who always cries at weddings. I’ve been known to snuggle closer to hubby and squeeze his hand during the I – do’s. I sit in the pew and reminisce about our own big day and gaze adoringly at our children, bought into this happy union of ours. They always look so angelic sitting there lit by the glow of light coming off the stained windows. You would never know that earlier on the drive to said wedding they were acting like possessed demons!! But I digress……….

So, yes weddings. They fill me with untold joy. I’ve looked forward to every one we’ve ever been to, especially those involving family members.

The challenge however is dressing the four of us without spending a huge sum of money. We had our nephews wedding last month and months before ( November! ) my quest began to find the perfect dress!

Here’s a brief run-down on the where, who, when and how much in preparation for the big day! A few tips you may find helpful.

  • Me –  My dress was from Portmans, I saw it in the shop window and fell in love instantly!  A little investigating on the Portmans website revealed that by subscribing to their emails I could be in line for some pretty fantastic offers. In short, my dress bought online rather than in-store was a steal at just under $100 and with this I wore $5 strappy heels from K-mart, $3 Cuff from K-mart and $7.95 earrings from Lovisa!
  • Hubby –  Luckily we had purchased a suit for hubby from Myer only 18 months before for another wedding so I only needed to find him a new shirt and tie. His blue herringbone shirt was from Big W ( Peter Morissey ) $30 and a skinny tie from Ed Harry $19.95. Both he will definitely wear again.
  • Miss 12 –  For Miss Tween we ventured into Dotti as they have quite a few size 6 dresses. Again by subscribing to their emails on the day we received a further 20% off the dress she chose. From $79.95 down to $63.95 worn with a pair of wedge heels I picked up at Best & Less for $15 dollars and she borrowed a necklace from me!
  • Mister 10 –  After having a huge growth spurt the last few months we held off buying his outfit for as long as we could!. It’s so much easier buying for boys by the way! His black dress pants are from Ollie’s Place $24.95. Shirt was reduced ( plus further discounts on the day ) at Myer –  ( Fred Bracks ) for only $22, tie also from Myer was $10 and shoes from Big W for $25.

All in all I think we did pretty well and everyone scrubbed up nicely!  Plus the wedding was a lovely affair and I only cried  just a teeny tiny bit!

Till next time, happy shopping! Hope you find a bargain.

Malinda xxx

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