Feeling Frazzled!

Wowsers it’s Monday again, already??
It has been a busy week at The Style Within house.
What started as a promising week quickly disintegrated into chaos and ended with a bang!
( not literally thank goodness! )

Let me explain.

Monday began with the eagerly anticipated arrival of our nieces gorgeous baby boy Matthew Peter. Weighing in at 3215 grams  ( 7pound 1ounce )  49cm  long with a delightful head of baby soft hair. Not that I’ve met him yet. As I said the week didn’t go exactly to plan………

By Wednesday Miss 12 was nursing a head cold so obviously the best thing for all concerned was for us to stay quarantined  from baby. Like lepers if you will hahahaha!. So disappointing, but on the up side it did give me time to finish putting together some more goodies for baby Matthew.

And speaking of goodies I managed ( like I usually do! ) to score a few bargains of my own. Nothing of great importance but enough to put a smile on my dial!. Some super comfy throw rugs from Coles,  Not. Even. Kidding. and only $6 each plus a couple of beanies also from Coles for $2 each. Bargain!. Not to mention a set of four picture frames from Target, $25 down to $13, score! Double score actually because I needed the frames for the baby’s present.

And Saturday night we braved the cold, wet weather to celebrate our great friend Nevile’s 40th birthday. This was particularly exciting for me not just because it was an opportunity for an adults only catchup, but because I finally got to wear my new Sheer Shirt from K-mart that was only $17.

So that brings me to Sunday. The WCE had a win which always puts me in a good mood! And we had a delicious lamb roast for dinner! Plus I finally summoned  enough enthusiasm to clear out the study and make it into a better functioning office for The Style Within ( more on that in future posts! ).

What about you guys? What was the best / worst of your week?

Till next time,

Malinda xxx

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