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Almost a month into this blogging wonderland and who would have thought people were actually reading mine! Well, apparently,  YOU  all are!  Thank you all so so much. It means more to me than I could possibly express in words!

Catching up with girlfriends on the weekend we got to chatting about my foray into blogging. We discussed what blogs some of us are reading or who we are currently following.
So to honor the many bloggers that have come before me. I thought I would put together a list of some the blogs I frequent. It’s not a complete list of every blog I read. Some I have stumbled across by accident and since being on Instagram I have been introduced to many more. These are the blogs I frequent the most often at the moment.

  • Mamamia –    Great for current news and gossip. More than just a blog. Covering  topics such as parenting, family and relationship advice. Two of my favorite featured writers on the website would have to be Rosie Waterland -Very funny, has a great writing style and does hilarious recaps of various reality t.v. shows.  Em Rusciano –  Her take on everything from love , life, kids and divorce is very well written and extremely funny, sarcastic and witty. There is also a section called Best and Worst – how has your week been?. If you think your having a bad week, reading the comments submitted by readers  will definitely put your bad day into perspective. Maybe what’s going on with you won’t seem so bad after all!
  • Scary Mommy –    A blog based out of the U.S . As the title suggests this blog is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned!!. If you’re after an honest, frank and slightly sarcastic take on parenting you will love this. There’s a segment called Scary Mommy Confessions where readers can vent anonymously. So funny!. Oh the things people will confess to.
  • Reservoir Dad –    One for the blokes. An Aussie dad’s blog about being a SATD . Well written and so great to hear parenting tales from a males perspective! Look out for his book as well. Unfortunately Reservoir Dad is the only dad blogger I currently have any experience with.  Apologies to any other dad’s out there who blog that I’m not aware of!.
  • For staying organised I love The Organised Housewife.  Great tips, recipes and crafty ideas. Excellent for the everyday running of a busy household.
  • For gossip, mostly the celebrity variety I like,  Perez Hilton and Oh, no they didn’t.  Much easier to read this kind of  rubbishy trash on the net than buying a gossip magazine. Obviously a lot less expensive too!
  • And finally closer to home, I absolutely love Absolute Amy! The wife of Channel 7 personality Basil Zempalis. Such a great feel good blog. A really down to earth read about parenting, fashion and lifestyle. Along similar lines would be Right as Rayne from Rayne Embley. Some of you may know her as the wife of West Coast Eagles former player Andrew Embley. She is so  much more than a WAG!  Again a fantastic down to earth blog about fashion, parenting, motherhood and being a kick-ass business woman.

Both of these women I think are fabulously stylish and have some awesome ideas on where to go in Perth for the best fashion and beauty fixers as well as ‘keeping it real’.

So there you go. A few of my favorites. If you have a spare minute, check them out. And if you can recommend your favorites let me know in the comments below. I would love to know who everyone else is visiting!.

Until next time

Malinda xxx

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