Yikes, here I am! (again)

If you could see me face to face right now, what would you see?

I’ll tell you! A great big smile that’s what! And it’s all because of YOU ( and a little bit because of me! )

When I first sat down and decided to start a blog, I truly thought the only people that would read it would be my sisters, brother and a few faithful friends. But, nearly a month into it and I am astonished that my humble little blog has received almost TWO AND HALF THOUSAND page views!!

Say What Now??

I know in the world of blogging this is a really insignificant number, you know small fish BIG MASSIVE pond. But the fact that anyone has taken five minutes out of there day to read what I have to say is really really appreciated.

I have learnt over the last few weeks that

  1. I can do this
  2. I can actually do this
  3. I am actually really doing this!

And at the end of the day that’s all I really need to know! It’s enough for me.

I hope you’ll all keep following along on my shopping and family adventures. I have many hilarious stories to tell and lot’s of tips and advice on where to get the best bargains for fashion, the kids and your home.

I also have exciting projects I’m working on right now so stayed tuned!

Lastly I’m just going to go ahead and give myself a big ol’ pat on the back for re-launching The Style Within website all by myself!. I’m no computer whizz at all. I was really unhappy with the Weebly website I was using as it just didn’t feel like me. So after much faffing about on the weekend here I am! (again) . I hope you all love the new look as much as I do.

Thanks again for joining me, welcome to all the new followers! Lovely to have you on board x

Keep Smiling

Malinda xxx

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