Hump Day Fantasies

Hump Day this week has me dreaming of being anywhere but here!

After two consecutive days of washing, ironing, cleaning and trying to be fabulous for the Fox in Flats Style Dare (all whilst warding of a head cold) I am totally over it! Being a self declared domestic goddess is so overrated and I’m fairly certain I’m much better at being a goddess without the domestic part anyway!.

I know my fellow mums and probably some dads out there are nodding their weary heads in agreement. I know this because of how regularly this very topic is discussed whenever we get together for a chin-wag.

So today, while vacuuming my house (numerous loom bands were lost in the process, R.I.P you will not be missed! ) I was picturing myself as I said, anywhere but here! But where would you go Malinda I hear you ask?.

Well that’s easy! The possibilities are an endless bucket list but here’s my top two picks. Vastly different from each other. You see, I love winter. I really do. But even I need some sunshine. Like a lizard on a rock soaking up the rays. I need it. I’m thinking Maldives or Mauritius, you know with those cute little huts you can stay in. Yeah I want one of those. Or pick number two is a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps (vastly different, I told you ). I want to sip hot cocoa and eat good quality Swiss chocolate. I want to stretch out on a bearskin rug in front of an open fire………. you get the picture. Sigh.

Or at the very least I want a hotel room to myself where I can nap all day and catchup on the ten years of sleep I’v missed. I want to watch trashy movies, order room service and talk to no one At. All.

But instead I’ll keep fantasizing about a holiday, folding the never ending pile of washing. Looking at people’s Instagram and Facebook photo’s of kid free holidays and secretly want to punch them in the face. KIDDING!!! (or not ) Whatever.

What about you? What’s your ultimate kid free bucket list get away? If only in your head!


Malinda xxx

Totally what I would look like on a bearskin rug!

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Fantasies

  1. Cinque Terre is lovely this time off year enjoying lemon cello whilst gazing at the Mediterranean or Central Park NY
    Well Central Park any season is my nirvana

    1. Hahaha I’ve heard from someone who sounds a lot like you that Cinque Terre is just delightful! I would have to agree that Central Park would probably be another nirvana of mine too!! xxxx

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