Good, bad or Meh?


It’s been a funny old week for me this week!

If you have been reading earlier blog posts you may have seen that recently I talked about the Mamamia website and a segment on their website titled Best, worst how has your week been?. You can read more here
I really love this idea! I enjoy hearing what great things are going on in your world as well as sympathizing with the worst or not so great going on.

My week looked like this,

Started out reasonably well. I launched the new website. This took a lot of time and effort on my behalf as I know very little about computer-y stuff! So I’m really proud of myself for taking on the challenge and succeeding  (well I think so).

One of my oldest and dearest friends gave birth to her first baby this week, a little girl. We have been friends since grade three 1983 and I’m so happy and proud of her for embarking on this wonderful, crazy journey otherwise known as motherhood! (now I have a nappy cake to make!)

The remainder of the week crawled along. Preparations are beginning for Miss 12’s birthday. With school holidays starting now, I made the most of my kid free time and purchased most of her presents.

I have also spent a HUGE amount of time today organizing, writing and editing for future posts. I am really hoping to bring a ‘Style File’ to the blog starting next week. I get asked frequently, ‘what are you wearing?’ and I always have to giggle when I answer with Target, K-mart, Best and Less as people are so surprised by this! So I’m thinking of putting together my favorite looks for winter thus far to share with you my ideas for dressing outfits depending on the occasion. Please bear with me as I get this underway! It take an enormous amount of time for me to style outfits, photograph, edit and blog the results! I do all of this by myself although I’m hoping Miss 12 will give me a hand.

Speaking of clothes I’m am really enjoying the Fox in Flats Style Dare. I have certainly had to put my thinking cap on and pull clothes out of the wardrobe! At the end of the month I’ll put together a gallery of my favorites!

Now for the worst!

There hasn’t actually been anything tangible that’s been the worst this week. Towards the end of the week I found myself feeling a little flat and worn out. As well as a sense that something (not sure what!) is on the horizon. We’ll see how that pans out!
Thursday the 3rd of July would have been my mums 68th birthday, instead it’s just a reminder that she’s no longer here to celebrate with. Maybe that’s why I feel the way I do!.  Still,  there’s always much to be grateful for, that’s what keeps me moving along.

July you have much to offer and as tiring as I’m sure it will be I’m ready for you! Bring on the birthday’s, holiday’s, babies and more.

Hope you’ve had a great week, I’d love to hear about it!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies

Malinda xxx

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