School Holidays………. enough said!

I enjoy my own company. I really really do. On the school holidays it becomes apparent to me just how much I love being by myself! I love my kids, obviously. But crappy weather combined with holidays equals me wanting to tear my hair out and we’re only on day 3. It’s so sad to realize I have eight more weekdays to get through!.

Here’s a snippet of just one of the 984 conversations I’m privy to on a daily basis.

Joshua – Grace will you play x-box with me?

Grace – No

Joshua – Pleassssseeeee

Grace – No

Joshua – FINE! I’m going to kill set free your caterpillars ( which shouldn’t even be in my house, but that’s a whole other story! )

Grace – NOOOO! I’m going to stab your football if you touch them!

Joshua and Grace simultaneously – OMG your so annoying! OMG get out of my room!

and so on and so on ……..

Even now as I write this I can hear another argument brewing. I’m dressed incidentally in running clothes, which is hilarious in itself. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I don’t run. My last attempt at a running race with daughter ended in tears. Mine, not her’s and three weeks in a cast with a broken hand. Again mine, not her’s!. So for the record I would never voluntarily run anywhere just for the fun of it. The only way I would be running is if I was running away from something…….like my kids!

You have no idea how appealing THAT sounds right now!. I would rather be gasping for air, red faced than have to listen to another ridiculous argument. I hate being the referee, especially when they keep changing the rules. It is so freakin hard to occupy two kids that have totally different interests. Next week one has a birthday party to attend so that’s a bonus, one less afternoon of hair tearing out!

I am of course only having a joke (sort of). There’s a lot I do enjoy about school holidays. No rushing around in the morning making lunches and doing the round of drop-offs. Yesterday the kids were still in p.j’s at lunch time watching dvd’s and eating popcorn. I like chilling out at home and I think it’s important for the kids to have some down time and not be over scheduled. There’s so much to do during each term and I think the rest is as important to them as it is to me!

What are your holiday fixes? Do you enjoy lounging around at home or do you like to be busy, with activities planned each day?. What do you do to stop from going completely cray-cray? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!!

A very frazzled Malinda xxx


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