Saturday Style File

Eeeekkkk!!! I’m so excited to launch the first of (hopefully) many Style Files!

The aim is to bring you any fantastic buys I come across during the week or any super fabulous outfits I’ve styled up during the week. For my first Style File I’ll be sharing home wares I found at K-mart as well as flashing back to a couple of outfits I’ve worn recently.

First up, check out this super bright loveliness from K-mart! So cool and colourful, perfect for brightening the house up right now and heading into the warmer months! I love them and they are featured in the current K-mart catalogue beginning 10th July 2014.


Next up from Chicabooti, a Belted Faux Fur Vest. Out shopping on Thursday night I was actually looking for an oversized cardi for Miss 12 when I came upon this little beauty. This winter has been the first where I have embraced the faux fur look and so far I’ve managed to find two vests that I love. At $19.95 I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity………… could I??


Love. love this $19.95 from Chicabooti Au.
Faux Fur Fabulous

That brings me to a couple of outfits I totally rocked lately! (in my head I was rocking them!)

Monochrome Black + White
Monochrome Black + White


Stripes Denim + Pink
Stripes Denim + Pink

Monochrome Black + White features:

Leather Jacket from Valley Girl – Black Shirt w/ Leather Detail from K-mart – Pants from Best + Less – Shoes from Big W.

Stripes Denim + Pink features:

Striped Tee from Target – Jeans from Just Jeans – Pink Coat from Target – Shoes from Big. W.

Pretty chuffed with my first Style File, hoped you enjoyed these looks too!

Have a great weekend

Malinda xxx


7 thoughts on “Saturday Style File

  1. Great post!! I’m loving the fur here and the monochrome black + white. so pretty!! 🙂 ❤

  2. I was having my Saturday coffee and musing session while my 12 year olds were at ballet class this am and thought of your blog because of this type of post! Affordable fashion and also your post on outfits for teen girls. So thanks for ideas and examples of outfits you’ve bought. My fave fash blogs are ones that make fashion affordable AND fabulous!

    1. Thanks Anna! I love that you appreciate my ideas! Im always on the lookout for affordable clothes, especially for the kids! You might like the post I put up today featuring a jumpsuit from K-mart! Thanks again for reading + commenting I love getting feedback. Malinda x

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