A blogger’s life.

I thought I would share this funny story from the weekend.

Those who blog, Instagram, Facebook or anything else will completely understand the hilarity!

Sunday afternoon we were preparing to head out shopping. Mister 10 is once again in need of shoes and his number 1 pet hate is shopping. Already I was gearing up for an afternoon of torture and we hadn’t even left the house.

Anyway, hubby and I had already ventured out once in the morning to do the grocery shopping so there wasn’t going to be much time-wasting waiting for everyone me to get dressed ( I was ready! ).

Walking out the door I saw that hubby was on the couch watching football, as he tends to do!. So I figured I had a few minutes to take photo’s of my daily Fox In Flats Style Dare as well as some photo’s of Mister 10. I should have known this would be the beginning of the end. Numerous attempts to get Mister 10 to,

  • Smile
  • Stand Still
  • Not run away

and we finally had a number of photo’s of him. I’m sure I only took about ten shots but at the time it felt like a hundred. Plus we had a few for me to use also YAY!

joshy collage

Hubby finally comes meandering out the front door and asks if we’re ready to go…….

Me:  ‘Ummm, yes. We’ve been waiting for you to finish watching footy’

Him:  ‘WHAT??? You’re out here taking photo’s and ‘playing’ around on your phone. You spend way too much time on there! I was only watching footy while waiting for you’

Me:  Ggggrrrrr  ( silently )  ‘Let’s go!’

The afternoon continued on as I expected, mum is usually right. Mister 10 complained incessantly about buying shoes, Miss 12 grumbled about being hungry and hubby….. well he was just being a male out shopping with his family ( such a treat for him ). Why oh why does he have to ask what we are doing and why do I need to buy that?.

Honestly…….. do you feel my pain?

That brings me to dinner time back at home. Seriously this is the best bit, just you wait!

We sit down at the dinner table to eat. What does hubby bring to the table? A fork, a glass, some water?



I’m not even kidding. He bought his phone to the dinner table because he absolutely had to finish a level he was up to on a stupid game. Don’t. Even. Ask. what game. I have zero care factor.

And to make matters worse, Mister 10 brings not one but two iPad’s to the table because, I don’t even know why!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. All Miss 12 and I could do was laugh and roll our eyes at the males in our house!

In fairness phones and iPad’s are rarely at the table for obvious reasons. That’s what makes the story all the funnier and of course make’s hubby’s earlier rant totally irrelevant! Hahahahaha

Do you have moments like this at your place or is it just us?

Malinda xxx


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