I Present You!

What do you love (or hate!) about celebrations? For me I love anything that has to do with birthdays, weddings, Easter, Christmas……. you get the picture! I enjoy the planning and preparation of a special event. Even more so now that the kids have come along. I will lie in bed at night for weeks on end with ideas buzzing in my brain!.

So it will probably come as a bit of a surprise that the impending 13th birthday of our daughter had me completely stumped! It didn’t help that she had very little to offer in the way of ideas! Seriously, she gave me nothing, apart from an iPhone……… hahahahaha was my response. This coming from the girl who left her mobile phone outside on the front lawn ALL NIGHT! Yeah I’m totally going spend in excess of $500 for a phone!

I did of course find gifts for her and didn’t need to resort to giving cash for a shopping spree! Believe me, that was a serious consideration. Having no clue what to buy for the first time in a long time made me think, there must be other parents who have also run out of ideas! To help make your life easier I thought I would share what ended up wrapped and ready to go!


For a little while now Grace had been asking for a new camera. Last year for Christmas we bought her the Fujifilm Instax Polaroid camera, she loves it but avoids taking too many pic’s as the film can be pricey. Out shopping at Target I found another Fujifilm Camera (Finepix S4800) on clearance for $150 so I snapped that up straight away. I think it will be a great camera for her to use while she’s still learning. All she really wanted was a camera with a lens that zooms in and out! It’s worth staking out Target & Big W if you need something similar as older stock is always being placed on clearance.

The other other items as pictured are bits and pieces I found around the place. Occasionally out shopping Grace would comment on things she liked and I would go back in the next few days and buy them!

They are :
White Star Jumper – K-mart $20
Black Boots – Target $20 *reduced
Bag – Tempt $20
Flower Necklace – Tempt $10 *reduced
Planet Earth Gift Pack – Target $10
Brush Gift Pack – Best & Less $5
Tote Bag -Target $3
Makeup Wipes & Nailpolish Remover Wipes – K-mart $2 each
Sinful Colours Nailpolish – Target $4

As well as what is pictured we also purchased a Girlfriend Magazine Subscription for 12 months. This was $49.95 and works out to be less expensive than paying $7.95 each month! I also used Qantas Points to buy a Priceline Gift-card with a value of $25.

And there you have it! I hope this gives you some ideas for any upcoming birthdays you may have! In last weeks Saturday Style File I also shared the cushion I had made using one of Grace’s drawings. More information here

Here are some happy snaps of the birthday girl, now a full blown teenager!
Saturday birthday cake, Saturday night ice-skating and Sunday….more cake!




Happy Hump Day!

Malinda xxx

4 thoughts on “I Present You!

    1. Great colour and price! I’m pretty sure it came in a cream or light pink colour (can’t remember right now!) x

    1. The food or the presents! Either way she was very spoilt, but it is well deserved!!. Thanks for commenting xx

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