#FoxInFlats. What I’ve learnt.


I successfully completed my first ever Style Dare AND I had a ton of fun while doing it!

What a great idea these style dares are. Such a fun way to approach your very own wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes. It also gave me a ton of motivation to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

When I first looked at the list I will admit I was thinking something along the lines of, how the heck am I going to do that? I don’t wear orange lipstick and mix prints! But as the dare moved along I found myself looking forward to a lot on the list. The only ones ( and there were only two ) that filled me with with horror were the ones involving LEGS! These were RE: Boot & Pins With Punch. I know for boots I could easily have opted for one of my ankle boots but that’s not really the point is it? After all it’s a dare! So very reluctantly I donned my longer style boot and you know what happened………… nothing, zip, nada, not a thing! In fact so buoyed by the compliments I received I think I wore my boots three times that week!

Here’s me looking foxy in my boots:

photo 7



Now unfortunately the Pins With Punch dare was a little different. So happy was I with myself for stepping outside of my ‘I hate my skinny legs’ box that I thought for this dare I would literally be a bit more daring! BIG mistake… huge!

The morning of the dare arrived and in my infinite wisdom I reasoned that I was among friends in the Fox In Flats community, however I didn’t really consider that the community would of course stretch further afield. Like way way down somewhere I didn’t want to be! My original photo for this dare (and please please remember I was on a confidence high) was a photo of my legs with dark coloured stockings on leaning against my bed.

I posted the photo not thinking much of it, added a few hashtags like I always do.Something like #legs #stockings.Imagine my surprise when a little while later I was receiving quite a few likes and a request to repost my photo. Oh isn’t that nice, sure you can repost my photo. Cue more likes and instant new followers. Hmmmmmmm.

Upon further investigating I quickly realized that some of my ‘new’ followers were not the type I would like to have trawling through my IG feed. One of the followers had a naked picture of himself as his profile photo for crying out loud! OMG  I don’t even know how that was allowed to happen in the first place. And as for the account that reposted my photo……….lets just say the words feet and fetish come to mind!! Never again will I agree to let someone repost my photo without first having a look to see what kind of account they are!

Needless to say the offending photo was removed, people were blocked, Malinda crawled under a rock and the next photo for this dare involved my legs completely covered by my happy pants! Total rookie mistake but lesson most definitely learnt.

My eyes, what has been seen cannot be unseen!

Anyway, apart from that small hair raising ordeal I did have a very good time participating in the dare and look forward to the next one in September. I have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ a fantastic community of women who are all gorgeous, stylish, quirky and inspiring. I’ve discovered that sometimes you have to throw out what you know or what you’ve been doing and have the courage to just try something new! I managed to get myself included in the look of the day a couple of times which was a huge buzz for me!

Here I am with other equally foxy ladies:

Thank you to Andrea from Fox In Flats for a fantastic month and to all the participants for your support, kind words and general up beat attitudes. I think you all Rock!

Bring on September xxx

Here are a few more of my favorite looks from the dare:

Malinda xxx

* I will be participating in #restyle2014 for the month of August. For more information click here . To see what I’m up to for this challenge visit me on Instagram!

2 thoughts on “#FoxInFlats. What I’ve learnt.

  1. I came across your blog while I was doing Fox in Flats’ Style Dare as well, and it’s been great to read your blog and now follow you on FB and Twitter. This is the second Dare I’ve done and I’ve loved it. As you say, it pushes you to try new things and I’ve had a few comments on what I’ve worn, good ones! I’m now an orange lipstick fan!
    Thanks too for the funny story! Oh and I can’t see where you got your navy star jumper from. Would you mind letting me know? I’ve been thinking about it since 4th of July. I might need one! Thanks!

    1. Hey Anna,
      Thanks for following, I love it when I get comments and yours are always so positive!
      Sometimes it feels like everything I do ends up having a funny story attached to it!
      Now the navy stars is a cardigan and it was from K-mart, what a surprise hahaha.
      I did buy it a couple of months back though so not sure if there would still be some floating around??
      Malinda x

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