Style File. Oh Yeah!

Good morning beautiful people!

I have had an exceptionally busy fortnight which is why I didn’t post a style file last week. But to make up for it I have a pretty awesome line up of bargain buys to share with you!

I was just thinking last night while scrolling through IG that there are some exceptionally stylish and gorgeous people around. One thing that struck me the most was how amazing an outfit can look regardless of where you purchase it or how much you pay for it. I have mentioned previously that I don’t own many clothes of a label variety, alas my budget has never allowed this!


Virtually everything I buy comes from department stores and less expensive chain stores, I would sometimes love to shop for certain brands but you have make do with what you’ve got!

Taking part in the #restyle2014 challenge has confirmed in my eyes how fabulous one can look with a little imagination! Seriously if you need inspiration for your wardrobe and don’t want to spend a fortune have a look how these ladies are killing it! See the #restyle2014 Facebook gallery from each day here. If you would like see some of my looks for #restyle2014 please click here  to scroll through my IG pic’s.

Now back to my own bargains!

Cotton On Casual Drape Pant

Love love love these pants! Dress them up or down

  • Cotton On Drape Pant $15 ( On Sale )


Cool Casual

This look I’ve put together featuring,

  • Valley Girl Knit Cardigan $24.95 ( Half price on Sale )
  • K-mart Panel Leggin’s $15
  • K-mart Casual Shoe $10
  • K-mart Cap $5
  • Target Zip Back Singlet $7.50 ( On Sale )
Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow

I had so much fun putting this flat lay together! I swear I’ve missed my calling……. Yellow is going to be my go to colour for spring!

  • Chic A Booti Scarf $10
  • Colette Hayman Bracelet & Ring both $2 each
  • Tassle Necklace ( Gift from my sister! ) Bali
Ring Ring
Ring Ring

Another steal!

  • Colette Hayman ring $2
  • With Love Kirsten Bracelet bought on line. Under $10 from memory!

Colette has made my week. Love a great statement necklace!

  • Colette Necklace $5  ( On Sale )



Love this scarf, makes me think of warm spring days!

  • K-mart scarf $10
I'm not Blue x
I’m not Blue x

Shoes, I don’t generally get overly excited by shoes but I do like these very much. I bought them in red also.

  • Peter Morissey for Big W Flat Sling Back $5.68 ( On Sale )


Something for the entertainer

  • K-mart Mason Jars $2 each ( These will come in handy at Christmas! )
  • K-mart Paddle Board $7 ( On Sale) K-mart has a new range, the  Acacia paddle boards, different shapes $10 each
Everything old is New Again
Everything old is New Again

Saved the best for last

I love this bag! Goes with everything, has an awesome animal print lining and loads of pockets.

  • Salvation Army $12.25 ( O.M.G ) You just never know what loveliness you may come across at your Salvo store!

And there you have it!

I hope loved these looks as much as I do! Maybe they’ve inspired you to go out and have a look. By the way just quietly the current K-mart homewares catalogue is BRILLIANT!! Just sayin……


Malinda xxx


8 thoughts on “Style File. Oh Yeah!

  1. Malinda, great post! I plan on checking out Kmart, loved something off almost every page of the catalogue! Loving the yellow, especially the tassle necklace! And those blue shoes, I think I may have missed the boat on them! Have a great weekend, x deb

    1. Thanks Deb! So much stuff in the Kmart catalogue that I want to buy! Have a look for the blue shoes still, there was also a heap of other flats for only $4 but there was nothing in my size! My sis is back in Bali now on the lookout for more tassles! Enjoy your weekend xx M

  2. You’ve found some fab bargains here, I haven’t checked out Kmart for a little while…..!

    1. If your interested in home wares K-mart is the place to be! I find the clothes can still be a bit hit and miss, but I guess it just depends on what you like! x

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