I Don’t Like Monday’s

In all fairness I don’t really mind Mondays but today I have a huge dislike for Monday.

I have a massive headache and should be doing something much more productive than writing a blog post while half-heartedly watching Dr Phil. See not productive.

I had plans for today. I was going to clean and get that hideous chore out the way for the week. That way I’d have more time to do the other 50 jobs that need attending to!


Instead I’ve done not much of anything. I’ve made beds, done a general tidy around, put on a load of washing and of course made lunches and dropped kids off at two separate schools. But after taking two Nurofen here I sit.

I have what I consider to be a reasonable enough excuse for having an off day, so why do I feel an enormous amount of guilt for parking my butt on the couch and clicking away on the keyboard.

Is it because I know hubby is at work and kids are at school. They are being productive, going about their days. Getting it done. I’m not one to use health issues as a reason to chillax for a day but damn my head hurts! Throw in some tummy issues last night and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! Yet even as I sit clicking away I can think of at least half a dozen things I should be doing not to mention the things that will need to be done once the afternoon school run is complete.

Mummy guilt, should also be called wife guilt! No matter how much I do get done there’s always a nagging feeling I could or should be doing more. The fact that I’m not currently working adds to my sense of guilt. Rarely is it mentioned that I’ve worked in some capacity since Miss 13 was eighteen months old, through my second pregnancy and all the while raising our two kids and everything that entails!

I haven’t worked since December last year. This is the longest I’ve been without work, aside from when I had our son. I’m one of ‘those’ mums. You know the ones. I must spent everyday going out for coffee or shopping or watching Dr Phil. I’ve been told by a school mum that my current employment status must be the reason my house is immaculately clean because obviously in order for me to have a clean house I must give up work! Say whattt???

Then there’s the mums who say ‘well, it’s alright for some’  What exactly is alright? The fact that hubby and I have both worked hard, sacrificed holidays and new cars and put off renovations to be in a position where I can take some some time for myself?.  Arghhhhh. This is why I get so conflicted within myself. I know a huge amount of women who work full-time / part-time and raise a family and do a bloody good job. But this isn’t a post about them and how much they do or don’t do. It’s about me and how awfully guilty I feel at times.

And there it is…… that voice……. that nagging sound in my head telling me I should be doing more more more!

But you know what, I’m not going to stress about it today. I’m going to sit on the couch a little while longer. I’m going to have a cup of tea and prepare for the afternoon onslaught.

Mister 10 will no doubt come home in a bad mood as I confiscated his electronic devices yesterday for his unruly behavior towards his sister. Behavior that continued this morning, so there’s that to deal with.

On a brighter note the delivery man has just delivered my Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night cream that I won for my #iDiscovered post, so that’s my silver lining to a crappy day!

Hope your day has been better than mine.

Sorry for the rant!

What do you do to combat your mummy guilt,  if you have any!

Malinda xxx




6 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Monday’s

    1. Ahhhh Vicki, honestly mine’s turned into a hormone riddled nightmare!! He’ll be 11 in December and I shudder to think what he will be like at 16! x

      1. Thanks for the great read, it’s like that old saying don’t judge a book by the cover…there is always a story

  1. Hi Malinda. Found you via Instagram 🙂 Malinda, as hard is it is to let go, please try and enjoy your time at home without feeling guilty. Anyone, especially other women, who make negative assumptions, are most likely just envious. I speak as a 51 year old recent empty nester, who for the first time in the last 14 years is also unemployed after losing my job a couple of weeks ago. Even though Hubby and I are still partially supporting our youngest while she studies at Uni and works part time, we are lucky my jobless state came about while it is just the two of us. My husband earns a decent wage, so we will be okay, but I certainly do have to cut back and find ways to save, hence I was delighted to find your blog 🙂
    Malinda, whether or not you go back into the workforce in the near future, or leave it till much later, please just enjoy and make the most of your extra time with your family. My eldest of 3 is 31 with his first baby on the way and my daughter at 19, the youngest and you don’t need to hear it from me, how quickly they grow and don’t need us quite so much anymore.
    I am absolutely positive, that your Hubby appreciates having a wife who is hopefully more relaxed and happy while not trying to juggle home, family and work. You can imagine how “guilty” I feel at the moment, not bringing in a regular income. I am going back to private home cleaning at the moment, as it pays good money and is better than nothing. I also hope to set up some sort of personal shopping service in my home town. We will see how that goes, but if I can pick up enough cleaning, that will do for now.
    Why we feel guilty as wives and mothers, I do not know. Even as just a housewife now, I know I pull my weight on a daily basis, but keeping a lovely home, garden and doing all the other extras that we do seems to be so under valued, and that is where our guilt comes in. We need to work on letting it go. 🙂
    Thank you for your time Malinda. I love your blog and Instagram posts. Please keep them coming. You have the very best Sunday dear girl 🙂
    Kind regards
    Deidre Gillies.

  2. Thank you so much Diedre, it’s really lovely of you to comment in such a positive manner! I wish I could say I’m in a better place today but I still feel much the same, I just don’t have a headache today!

    After much discussion with hubby recently we’ve decided that it’s best if I wait until the new year to look for a job, luckily our financial position will allow this. But it doesn’t help with Christmas and our son’s birthday approaching! I think until I am bringing something financially to the household I will probably continue to feel guilty!

    You obviously know first hand how difficult it can be at times to find a balance and you are so right when you say how undervalued we are and the need to let it go!

    It’s funny but I really needed to hear this today so thank you once again for taking the time to comment and thank you for following along on Instagram, it’s my photographic happy place! 🙂

    Happy Sunday to you also Diedre!

    Malinda xxx

    1. Thanks for your reply Malinda 🙂 I’m glad you and your Hubby have worked out a time frame that will suit you both. Perhaps part time employment would offer the best of both worlds for you.
      I guess that the point I was trying to make is that you are doing what suits you and your family at this point in time and that’s all that matters. Not what others may think you should be doing. Circumstances change for everyone at any time, so we just need to find what works for us in our individual situations at the time.
      Wishing you a great week ahead. I’m about to check in on your latest post before I get stuck into the housework 🙂
      Kind regards always
      Deidre 🙂

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