Beauty Bites

Since I began blogging a couple of months ago I have shared with you all the things I am not! Here’s a brief run down of what they are,

  • I am not a Personal Shopper. I’m  just a lady who loves to shop and find a bargain.
  • I am not a Stylist. I love clothes and fashion and dressing up however I don’t do this on a professional level! ( although I would like to! )
  • I do have a background in merchandising and would love to do something that involves Visual Merchandising. Right now this is but a dream and I have no formal qualifications!
  • I am not an Interior Decorator or Event Stylist, again these are passions I am seriously considering going forward but I ain’t there yet!

So it should come as no surprise that I am totally winging it for today’s post on all things beauty related!

I like to think I give good face ( totally referencing Madonna’s hit Vogue, did you get that! ) and  despite my nearly forty years of age I’m looking okay! Feel free to nod in agreement…….

A few weeks back a lovely mum friend asked what I was wearing on my face as I was glowing, in fairness it was quite a warm day and I could have have just been sweating, but hey who am I to argue and who doesn’t love a compliment!

Today I’m sharing some of the beauty / makeup / hair products that I use. Some I have just started using and some I have been faithfully using for a few years.

Here goes!

Hair Products
Hair Products

Loreal Everpure Shampoo & Conditioner

  • I’m always on the lookout for Shampoo + Conditioner that will give me that salon feel at home and these two come pretty close. I bought these last week on special for $10ea and normally they retail for $15.95ea

John Frieda Sheer Blonde

  • Because I’m not a natural blonde ( GASP! ) I love these two. Great for toning down the inevitable brassiness that comes with being a blonde and leaves my hair really shiny and silky. I try to buy these on sale which is usually about $10 – $12ea and normal retail is $18ea
Make me Over
Make me Over

Essence Long Lasting Lippie

  • I discovered this super inexpensive brand at Priceline and thought I’d give it a go! This has become my favorite lipstick to date. I love it! It really does last all day and for $4.10 you can’t really go wrong. This colour is Colour Crush.

Essence Liquid Eye Pen & Essence Kajal Eye Pencil

  • I am so not adept at applying liquid eye liner but I have found this one to be really easy to use. It’s not smudgy either, bonus! Same goes for the Kajal Pencil. Last’s all day without leaving me looking like I’ve been punched or crying! These are both from Priceline. The Liquid pen was $5.10 and the pencil only $2.

Covergirl cgsmoothers* BB Cream

  • I have tried a couple of BB creams and do quite like them. I prefer the lightness of a BB cream compared to a foundation, especially with summer coming. This one is SPF 15 and gives good coverage. Plus it means I don’t have to spend a lot of time fussing with my face in the morning! This one I bought on sale for $10 normally $13.95

Little Bird Organic Paw Paw Balm

  • I discovered this by accident last Christmas when I went hunting for something to put in a DIY Christmas cracker!  A few weeks later doing the grocery shopping in Coles I picked one up for myself. It has since become a staple in my handbag! Retails for $5
Trying for Youthful
Trying for Youthful

Olay Enriched Night Cream

  • I had been on the look out for a night cream when I saw this one. At the time is was on sale at K-mart for $10. I have quite oily skin so finding something that doesn’t exacerbate the problem has been difficult. I am pleased to report that I found this one works a treat! It’s very light weight going on and doesn’t leave me fighting an oil slick when I wake up! Normal retail is $15.00

Olay Complete Defence SPF 30+

  • I took the plunge about seven or eight years ago and decided it was absolutely necessary for me to try and wage the war on sun damage. Unfortunately as I’m now discovering, the damage is done years before you notice anything outwardly. But I have to say I have noticed a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels by using a moisturizer with sunscreen everyday.  This is obviously why I look as good as I do! This one I paid $10 for on sale and normal retail is $15.00

Dermatix for Scar Reduction

  • Last year after having a BCC removed from my forearm, the nurse treating me suggested buying some of this. It’s pricey, I paid $52 for this small tube but it is AMAZING! Whilst my scar is never going to fully go away I am really pleased with the results and a number of family & friends have commented on how good my arm looks. I’m having another skin cancer removed next week from my leg so I will be applying this as soon as I’m able to. The great thing about it is that you only need a small amount and being silicone based it dries quite hard, meaning you can then apply suncream or lotion over the top of it.

Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream

  • This little beauty is valued at $69.95. More than I would probably ever spend so you can imagine how happy I am to have won one! I haven’t tried it yet but I will definitely update you all on what I think of it!

Vaseline Total Moisture ( Dry Skin )

  • Love this! Best moisturizer I’ve bought. I have really dry legs and have found this is just heaven to get them feeling soft and smooth. This was $7.70 from Woolworths.

Mor Handcream

  • This range is so delicious! The smells are so fantastic it really makes you want to eat it, especially the Marshmellow YUM! There is also Body Butter, Soaps, Hand & Body Lotion. This tube was a gift from a friend and I have gifted it to friends as well. A hand cream like this will set you back $15.00

Nivea Lip Butter

  • Mmmmmm something else you just want to eat! Vanilla & Macadamia, this is a really nice lip product also. Retailing for $5.70.


As you can see I approach my hair and beauty regime with as much gusto and expense as everything else I buy! I don’t think you have to spent a absolute fortune on products such as these, but each to their own! I’m happy with a lot of the make up I buy, most of which is Covergirl with the odd Rimmel or Maybeline thrown in for good measure. I have always loved wearing make-up but I’m not very adventurous when it comes to products or trying different looks. This is something I’m looking at changing!

If you have any suggestions on any products hair / makeup / skincare related I am all ears!

Malinda xxx 




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