Think happy thoughts!

After a rather emotional week last week I am looking forward to having some fun!

I want to start this week on a positive note! It’s hard to pick yourself up some days and keep moving but I know it’s no use dwelling on the things I can’t change.

So, to start the week on the right foot I thought I would share just a few things that are making me happy right now!


Starting with,


Today I will get my butt into gear! I have all the components of my pretty little package and now I just need to wrap and send. For those who may not know, #prettylittlepackage is a fabulous initiative to spread social media love and good vibes to one another. Started by the lovely Adelle over at Where The Styled Things Are. To read more about #plp head to Adelle’s website here or read my post here. Here’s a sneak peak inside my package of loveliness!


#prettylittlepackage Round 2
#prettylittlepackage Round 2

I hope my recipient likes it! Finger crossed.

Next up Tea Time!

I have long been a lover of a good strong cup of tea, kind of inherited from my mum!  (Although she liked her tea weak……… yuck! )

I have been on the lookout recently for a small teapot that I can use for myself. I love rainy days at home writing, listening to the rain and enjoying endless cups of tea. I found this cute little guy last week at K-mart for $10!

Tea Time
Tea Time

And you can’t have tea time without cookies!

Miss 13 was in a baking mood on Sunday and whipped these up. I’m so glad she likes to cook little treats for us as I don’t really share her enthusiasm. They were delicious and the house smelled divine after!

C is for cookies!
C is for cookies!

There you go!

Some happy vibes to start the week. Before I go I would also like to say a big * THANKS *to everyone that read Friday’s post on the passing of our mum. I received so many lovely comments and text messages which really lifted my spirits.

To my own family,

Michelle Michael and Marilyn, ( another quirk of mum’s to give us all names beginning with M! )

I love you all immensely and even though we may not talk everyday or every other week, I know you will all always be here for me and my little family. Staying close to one another and being there for each other was a promise we made to mum and I know we will do this for a long time to come. I couldn’t ask for a better family and I should probably tell you all more often!

Keep an eye out for my super styling on Instagram this week as I’m joining in with the gorgeous Vanessa over at Style and Shenanigans for her Texture Challenge . More details here and I’m still plodding along with #Restyle2014.  I will admit to finding it a bit challenging as I’m not a huge op-shopper and I’ve used up all of the options I had at home already! But I shall persevere!

Have a wonderful week everyone

Keep smiling!

Malinda xxx

PS sharing is caring so if you like this post or any other posts of mine, feel free to share them on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks x



2 thoughts on “Think happy thoughts!

  1. Sending smiles your way Malinda. Love a happy, colourful post. Adore your #plp, certainly a package of loveliness!! x deb

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