I Got The Music In Me!!

Continuing on with this weeks happy happy joy joy theme here’s a selection of songs making me smile at the moment!

Taylor Swift

I’m not sure why Tay-Tay get’s such a bad wrap! I think she’s bloody fantastic. I know it’s probably a bit sad that I’m so enamored with her, I mean I’m a long way from being a tween! However I have been a Swifty or Team Swift if you prefer right from the get go! Her Speak Now Tour was the first concert I took my daughter to and last year I went to her Red Tour concert, dragging hubby along to this one!!

You may or may not have heard over the last couple of days that Taylor has a new song out titled Shake it Off.

OMG yay !! And I love it ( surprise! )

Here it is

Doesn’t it just make you want to get up and dance!

Moving right along

Katy Perry

Another fox who can do no wrong in my eyes! I’m hanging out for her Prism concert in November and her latest single This is How We Do has me dancing around the house, cranking the radio in my car and singing along in the shops ( purposely to embarrass whichever child is with me! )

Check it

Hahahaha she cracks me up!

Lastly, this is a song that instantly makes me feel better after I’ve heard it. I know it’s been played to death but it makes me smile.

HAPPY Pharrell Williams

Love it, the kids love it and Minions!

I feel like Molly Meldrum,

Do yourself a favour Australia and run don’t walk to get your hands on these latest singles. Or you could just download them from iTunes ( much easier)

As you can see I’m a total pop music tragic! Growing up we were forced treated to an array of Country music and despite my love of pop music I also enjoy quite a varied range of music. I promise!

What about you, what songs or music make you happy?

Hope this helped you over what is left of hump day!

Malinda xxx

A few pic’s from the RED TOUR


2 thoughts on “I Got The Music In Me!!

  1. Awwww, thanks Molly! I love Taylor too, gorgeous and talented! What a fun post. Off to search for Taylors new song now! Have a great weekend Malinda, x Deb

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