Dress Me Up…. 5 Days, 5 Ways!


This week I have been joining in with the very lovely Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans on her SnS 5 Day Texture Challenge.

Vanessa explains here her reason’s behind the fun challenge!

I am a total fan of winter. I love layering up and keeping warm but honestly most days if left to my own devices I would be wearing trackies and a hoody. So glam I know!

I loved this challenge, I can be really lazy with my wardrobe at times and being only five days this challenge was completely manageable. Plus I loved the fact that it was based around texture. Breaking out some leather, lace and fur was right up my alley!

This has been a really fun way to finish off what will hopefully be the last remaining days of winter before we break out the colour for SPRING!

Here’s a look over the week that has been ( click photo to enlarge! )

  • Monday WOOL –  $10 eBay purchased hat with Oversized Cardi from Valley Girl
  • Tuesday LEATHER – $19 Tunic Top with Faux Leather detail from Big W
  • Wednesday LACE/VELVET $15 Lace long sleeve top from K-mart
  • Thursday SILK/FUR $20 Faux Fur Vest from Light in the Box
  • Friday DENIM This vest I’ve had for many years from a small boutique and I cannot remember the price!

With Spring as we know just around the corner I am really looking forward to participating in more Style Dares / Challenges. If you’re keen to get on board, have some fun and be inspired by a fantastic community of glamazon’s here’s what to do.

Keep an eye out for Spring Fling Challenge with Kimba Likes & Redcliffe Style ( info here ) and the super foxy Andrea from Fox in Flats will be commencing another Fox in Flats Style Dare in September ( more info to come! )

It may seem like a ridiculous thing to do but I guarantee by the time you have finished a Style Dare or Challenge you will have gained not only a new found appreciation for your wardrobe but also a beautiful new found confidence in yourself and how  Be-YOU -tiful you truly are. I swear on chocolate you will feel empowered plus you will love yourself so much that even taking a #selfie won’t seem so god awful!!!

I really hope to see you on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Lot’s of ways to get involved so don’t be shy.

Malinda xxx


Don’t forget sharing is caring x



2 thoughts on “Dress Me Up…. 5 Days, 5 Ways!

    1. Thank you! I found this week to be lots of fun, loved all the textures and found it really easy given it was only 5 days! Thanks for reading, I appreciate the comments xx

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