V.I.P That’s Me! #karrinyupss14


Last night I was lucky enough to attend the 2014 Spring / Summer Launch at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. I wish I could say I was one of the fabulously fashionable that was sent a VIP invitation but I was there as a result of winning an Instagram competition!

How does that song go…… I don’t care how you get here, just get here when you can! Or something like that. It’s kinda how I felt.

Now apart from the fashion on show we were all there to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson from the hugely successful blog They All Hate Us.

Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson
Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson

To find out more about this genetically blessed, totally awesome BFF duo click here. They certainly didn’t disappoint with their warm easy going personalities shining through as well as presenting us with some beautifully styled outfits.

Apart from Tash & Elle there was of course a huge amount of stunningly beautiful people at this soiree. Dressed impeccably with some of the best shoes I’ve ever seen! I was pretty chuffed when I realised the glorious Rayne Embley was standing just metres from myself and my best dressed date Mrs R!

There were canapes, wine and champer’s Oh MY!

Here are photo’s from the evening for you to enjoy

And for those of you wondering what does someone as stylish as myself wear to such an event?

You’re welcome

Fancy Me
Fancy Me

My whole look came in under $50 and consisted of:

  1. Kimono $10 Factorie
  2. Pantsuit $20 Valley Girl

Plus shoes and jewellery!

Whilst I had a fun evening I just couldn’t shake the feeling of not really fitting in! Silly I know, but that’s just me!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little bit like an imposter, new blogger on the block and a bit out of my element! All those ridiculously glamorous people most of which were in their 20’s. This is in no way a blight on any of them, twenty years ago I was out being totally fab too! But let’s be honest I’m not young or hip and I was happy to get home and take my heels off!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have tagged along though. I thought Karrinyup SC did an awesome job on presenting a wonderful evening filled with delicious food and fab fashion bound to inspire heading into Spring / Summer. I am nowed armed with a ton of idea’s! Oh and I really loved my goodie bag!

Goodies For Me!
Goodies For Me!

Malinda xxx

*Photo’s taken from the Karrinyup SC Facebook Page unless otherwise stated. Click the link to see more.





3 thoughts on “V.I.P That’s Me! #karrinyupss14

  1. I wish I’d seen you! Would have said hi!! I know how you feel, I’m a new blogger on the block too so I always feel a bit nervous but you’ve just got to embrace it! Great pics too xxx

    1. Thanks Em! I wish I could have spoken to a few more fellow bloggers but I really wasn’t feeling it that night! Plus I left early as my girlfriend’s daughter was unwell, so that was a shame! Never mind I’m sure there will be other occasions xxx

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