Dear John

I know what you’re thinking,

Dear John……

Isn’t that commonly known as a break up letter, a gentle rejection or heartbreakingly cruel way to end a relationship? Even Taylor Swift penned a song with the same title and we know how great her love lifes going!

But don’t worry, there’s nothing like that going on in today’s post! It just so happens ( for those who don’t know ) that my dear husband’s name is John.

And there’s nothing tragic about today’s post, I’m not breaking up with him! Quite the opposite in fact.

Today in Australia it’s Father’s Day. You may have caught my post last week full of awesome Father’s Day gift ideas.

So now I get to celebrate all the things that make my Dear John a great hubby and father!

When we started out close to twenty years ago it was pretty clear to me from the outset that this guy was hubby material! Admittedly I’ve had to tweak him over the years and the cooking part is still a work in progress! But overall he’s been a great catch.

I could tell pretty early on that starting a family was important to him. Despite the stories that his nieces and nephews love to tell ( even to this very day! ) I knew he loved each and every one of them and relished his role as an uncle. He would talk about them constantly, a fact that they probably don’t know and would often tell me funny things the kids would say and do.

So it came as no surprise to me when discussing our future that we were on the same page as far as having kids was concerned. And after three years of wedded bliss our first bundle of joy was born.


Apple of her dad’s eye. She had him completely wrapped around her little finger. And thirteen years on nothing’s changed!

Right from the outset he changed nappies and fed her. He would walk around with her in the wee hours, settling her down to sleep when I was too exhausted to do it anymore. Once she got older he would take her to swimming lessons, their own special outing. And even now although he will complain, he takes Grace to the pet shop to get supplies for the guinea pigs, the same guinea pigs he took care of while she was at camp this week!

And then there’s our baby boy.


Oh how he wanted a boy. A mate, a little buddy. Someone to kick the footy to and teach ( or show off ) his soccer skills to. While Grace may have him wrapped around her finger with her girly charms, it safe to say Joshua has the rest of him! It’s a relationship built on a mutual love of all things sport! I’m sure in the early days when Joshua was quite content playing with his train set and watching dvd’s that John probably thought the day would never come. The day that Joshua would look at him with his big blue eyes and say ‘Dad, I want to play footy’. And so it began……. freezing early mornings at Auskick and footy. Plus almost daily outings to the park to play soccer or cricket. And he goes, even when he’s tired from working. He goes.

He went to Netball. He helps with homework. He takes them on bike rides and goes fishing. When we went to Lancelin he may have hogged the board to ride down the sand dunes! But I’m sure they can forgive him that.

He plays X-Box and Wii and he’s been dragged to many kids movies and birthday parties!

But of all the things he does this is what I think the kids will remember.

The Sunday night ritual of lying down with each of them and talking. I have no idea what they talk about, it’s their time. The reading of books. Letting Grace paint his nails or tieing Joshua’s footy boots. Or maybe just the fact that he’s here. Reliable and dependable.

So to the young man I married I say, thank you.

Thank you for being a wonderful father to our two children. Thank you for taking care of us and for doing all the little and the big things. Today is a day to celebrate all that is great about being a father. The ups, downs and everything in between.

You and I still have a long ways to go on this parenting gig and I couldn’t think of anyone else to have along for the ride!

Happy Father’s Day John, ya big spunk!

Lot’s of love from,

Your family xxx



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