What is Going On??

It’s official, my body hates me!

It’s been a fortnight of looking and feeling well below par. This is not good when you’re someone who spends a reasonably large portion of their day on social media! Especially if you are taking part in Style Dares, where taking photo’s of your daily look sometimes requires your head to actually be in the photo! And of course this week coincided with the Karrinyup SS14 Launch where how you look is of some significance and I really was not feeling it!

What started out as a head cold,  then morphed into not one but three coldsores FFS!! And just this morning I’ve discovered (albeit quite small ) a stye on my eye! How poetic for a Monday!

I can pretty safely say that all of the above is my own doing. I’ve been very lazy over the last couple of months with how I go about my daily life and I guess my body has decided enough is enough! So this week I will try my utmost to eat better, ie no skipping meals and eating half a dozen biscuits late afternoon.

Drink more water and if Perth decides to turn on some lovely sunny weather I will be starting my daily walks again. Meanwhile I think some kind of immune boost is necessary and maybe a little less iPad of an evening and more sleep!

On the plus side a suspicious looking freckle I had taken of my calf two weeks ago is healing up nicely, the stitches are out and all is looking good. Also the pathology report came back as all clear so for that I am very thankful!

Okay, enough whining from me! Here’s how the first week of Fox In Flat’s Style Dare went down. Hooray for filters and clever lighting. I’m sure you’ll be able to see where I’ve cleverly disguised not having my entire face in pictures!

Fox In Flats Week 1
  • Day 1 RED LIPS
  • Day 2 UP DO
  • Day 3 OFF THE CUFF
  • Day 4 SWISHY
  • Day 6 FAUX

For a more detailed explanation of each day, head over to my Instagram or Facebook Pages!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and for those of you in Australia I hope you had a lovely time celebrating Fathers Day’s with the special guys in your life. Here’s me trying to get a photo of hubby and the kids!

Fathers Day Shenanigans
Fathers Day Shenanigans

If you were going to give me any health or nutrition advice, what would it be? Leave your comments as I would love to have a read.

Happy Monday

Malinda xxx



7 thoughts on “What is Going On??

  1. I went off to the Karrinyup event not looking or feeling my best. I woke up rather puffy just over a week ago and even though I’m ticking all the healthy boxes, thanks to current meds things went from bad to worse during the week. I’m pretty sure no one actually noticed. It was a great night, so I’m glad I went.

    1. The Karrinyup event was lots of fun! I’m glad I went to. Sorry to hear you are having problems with medications, I have been there in the past and until you get it sorted it can be a crappy road to go down. Sending positive vibes to you Rach. I am working on a post for the $100 challenge, will link up when I’m done xx

  2. Oh I feel for you Malinda! I actually had a very similar thing a couple of weeks ago. Head cold followed by a cold sore and a stye at the same time! Just makes you feel awful. Get well soon. Oh and have you tried taking lysine (it’s a vitamin) for the cold sores? Works a treat for me. X

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Nice to know other people know what it’s like. I’m going to get some Lysine tablets today as my brother swears by them also! xx

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