Ready For The Weekend!

Well, I don’t know about you but I am so glad it’s



I’ve been quite neglectful of the ole blog this week! Please forgive me, I have had a full on week. Which is probably just as well because it means that I have fantastic buys to show you!


Big W Bargains
Big W Bargains

I love this look! Perfect for casual catch ups or  running errands. I have been looking for a pair of white sneakers and these are almost exactly the same as the Converse without the pesky price tag!

  • Tee $8.00
  • Shoes $7.50 both from Big W
Must Have Prettiness!
Must Have Prettiness!

I came across these gorgeous necklaces on Thursday and I’m a sucker for anything shiny! And of course, if it’s on sale then it’s on my credit card! That’s rational right?

  • Silver Necklace $8.50 Colette by Colette Hayman
  • Pastel Drop Necklace $9.00 Lovisa

Ok these two items I was so incredibly happy to find! I have been searching for a pair of Boyfriend jeans for months! There are plenty around, but me being the tightass thrifty shopper that I am, really didn’t want to spend much money! That plus I actually couldn’t find any that I liked or that I felt suited me. So when I wandered into Valley Girl this week and saw these I almost fell over! Like literally, because I tripped on a fixture in my excitement at finding these jeans! As for the jumpsuit, I also have this in a gorgeous pattern and have been eying the black one for a few weeks now. I have another black pantsuit that is more dressy so I thought this one would be perfect to style more casually. And of course it had come down in price, even better!

  • Boyfriend Jean $19.95 Valleygirl
  • Black Jumpsuit $10.00 K-mart ( I told you in was a BARGAIN!! )

Now, this chemise was bought as a bit of fun! Earlier this week one of the style dares for Fox in Flats Style Dares was Safari. But don’t worry I did NOT post a picture of me wearing it! I was quite caught up with the whole animal print theme though, which is why this little number found it’s way home with me!

  • Animal Print Chemise $8.00 K-mart

Over the weekend I am going to style these outfits and show you what looks I have put together. Looks that will come in under $100 which is always fabulous!

In the meantime, I have something super exciting to do tonight which I will share with you all on Monday so make sure to stay tuned!

And I will also hopefully have another exciting post to share with you during the week. Providing my ‘meeting’ goes well, fingers crossed for me!

Hope you all have  a wonderful weekend! I’m really looking forward to sharing with you what I hope will be some great and exciting news!

Malinda xxx

PS If you see something here you think might be of interest to someone else, please like and share!








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