The Style Within meets ‘Wearing Memories’


Don’t you just love the sound of a champagne bottle popping!

Even someone like myself who isn’t a champagne connoisseur can appreciate the magic of such an act.

Monday morning I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for a chat with two effervescent and gorgeous ladies, Lara and Carol from Wearing Memories. What a lovely morning we had at The Beaufort Street Merchant. With tea and coffee all round and conversation flowing I was able to go through their extensive range of jewellery.

Australian designer Kiron Barui, founder of Wearing Memories has put together an amazing range of champagne inspired jewellery. Taking the ‘ plaque de muselet ‘ or cap from the top of a champagne bottle and ingeniously creating an array of stunning statement pieces. Using a signature patented champagne locket, caps can be interchanged allowing the wearer to effortlessly style their outfit to match colours, special occasion or theme. Such versatility!

Being the sentimentalist that I am this idea appeals to me so much. Imagine popping a bottle of champers to commemorate a special occasion and then being able to not only keep a memento but actually being able to wear it as a exquisite piece of jewellery.

Wearing Memories is all hand crafted in Australia with a huge amount of attention to detail going into each piece. When you make a purchase your piece is presented in a beautiful black pouch and comes with a certificate of authenticity, coaster for your bubbles and fabric printed with the story behind Wearing Memories, how wonderful!

The range includes many pieces. Beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces. As well as cuff-links, buttons and cuff’s for the men. I particularly loved the Flower Ring, sitting high and proud on your finger this gorgeous ring would make anyone feel special.

Prior to my meeting on Monday with Lara and Carol, the 2015 Wearing Memories Collection along with Kiron had launched at London Fashion Week. How amazing is that!

I personally would like to wish Kiron and her fabulous team continued success in the future.

May ‘ the sound of happiness ‘ follow wherever you go.


The Beaufort Street Merchant

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