20 Fun Facts and 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Over on Instagram this week I was tagged by two lovely ladies to share some details about me! Rather than write a big paragraph on IG I thought I would turn it into a fun blog post because basically I like to talk about myself!

I’ll start with 20 Facts About Me. My new Insta friend Carol tagged me for this one, you should check out her Instagram feed @morgs71 as she is super stylish ( I hope she doesn’t mind the plug! )

  1. My full name is Malinda Joesphine. To this day I have no clue why my mum insisted on spelling my name with an A because my entire life people have spelt it wrong!
  2. I am the baby of my family. I have two sisters and one brother, they will tell you I was the spoilt one but I beg to differ!
  3. I have two nephews and three nieces on my side of the family and three nephews and three nieces on hubby’s side of the family! Phew that is ALOT of Christmas, Birthday and Easter presents to buy hahaha. They range in age from 16 to 30!
  4. I wear glasses. Most people would know this by now. I’ve had them since I was 10 but I have also been wearing contacts for the last twenty years. I’m too scared to get my eyeballs lasered and I quite like being able to switch between the two.
  5. In my late primary school and early high school years I used to sing in amateur singing competitions and yes I actually won a few!
  6. This is a very little know fact about me…..are you ready! I am actually 1/8 Native American Indian on my dad’s side. This must be why my hair parts in the middle and why my face gets very red when angry or upset!
  7. I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Or anything sweet for that matter, always have and probably always will! Nothing comes between me and a chocolate bar!
  8. The only place I have travelled to that is not a part of Australia is New Zealand! I think it’s a beautiful country and I will always remember the gorgeous county-side.
  9. My entire childhood I never broke a bone in my body and in the last few years I have managed to break my little toe and my hand.
  10. On the subject of injuries, when my lovely daughter was three she accidently hit me in the nose and I spent three days in hospital because my nose wouldn’t stop bleeding!
  11. My top three all time favourite T.V shows are Friends, Sex In The City and Six Feet Under.
  12. I have never been to Rottnest Island because I don’t want to go on the ferry to get there!
  13. I love The West Coast Eagles Football Club and I will, for years to come talk about the time we hosted four players at our house for a bbq as part of a prize we won! This may not seem like a big deal to everyone but being the football tragic’s that we are it was a massive deal to us! We also made it onto the 6 o’clock news!
  14. Growing up I had a huge crush on River Phoenix and one of my all time favourite movies is Stand By Me.
  15. I am not a natural blonde……..
  16. I have one ear that sticks out further than the other but I won’t tell you which one because I think I’m pretty good at disguising it!
  17. I can’t drive a manual car. I was too lazy to go for my manual licence and so I can only drive an auto!
  18. I am a huge sentimentalist and I keep so much stuff that has meaning to me. There is a huge storage box in the shed full of cards, letters photo’s and other bits and pieces because I can’t part with it!
  19. I have never been rolling on the floor drunk or even close it! I rarely drink any alcohol and the most tipsy I’ve ever been was at my hen’s night!
  20. I had my first kiss at a Blue Light Disco with a boy named Curran Nicolai at age 15.  I was totally mortified when he joined our school the following year on a basketball scholarship as I thought I could avoid him forever since we went to different schools!

Did you enjoy that?

So fun reminiscing about myself!

Now for 10 things that make me happy! I was tagged for this by a lovely lady named Marianne whom I have known for a number of years now as our girls went to school together.

Here goes!

  1. My family. My extended family and family in -laws, they drive me crazy at times but that’s life!
  2. My beautiful friends. Some of you I have known for over thirty years and some of you much less but I treasure the bonds and memories created with each and every one of you!
  3. Grief. This may seem like a really odd choice and of course I don’t mean my mum’s actual passing. But I am happy in a sense because losing her has taught me that life is short and can end in an instant. Losing her has showed me how important it is to live life to the fullest, embrace those you love and let go of all the other shit that takes up space in your heart.
  4. Reading. I’ve always read books and I love the escapism it provides!
  5. Writing. Until I started the blog I truly didn’t know how much I loved it!
  6. Blogging! Not everyone gets the point of blogging but I love it! It’s awakened something in me that I didn’t know was there and it’s opened a world of opportunities and possibilities as well as introducing me to some lovely and inspiring people.
  7. Craft, decorating, being creative, making things! Anything that allows me to make stuff look pretty!
  8. Winter, rainy day’s and curling up on the couch with a book or movie
  9. My kids. Watching them grow, seeing their personalities develop and being immensely proud of who they are what they have both achieved. They bring me untold joy!
  10. Husband. He is the m to my m & m’s the ice to my cream! I would be lost without him, he’s my best friend and a total spunk rat!

And that is all she wrote!

Hope you enjoyed all these fun and interesting facts about me xxx


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