Road trip! Perth to York

Do you like road trips?

We do!

This week saw us head off to the historical town of York, Western Australia. I love when hubby is home on holidays and we can pack up the car for a day of adventuring!

York is the oldest inland town in WA, 97kms East of Perth ( about an hour and half drive ) . Settled in 1831 this town is full of history, the most I knew about York was the Jazz Festival they host! Unfortunately we didn’t make it to The York Mill as the website states it is currently closed but I would have no hesitation in visiting this cool town again.

We arrived in York later than anticipated as we all overslept! First stop was Avon Park to stretch our legs, have something to eat and check out the Swinging Bridge….

Next up we headed over to the main street of York, Avon Terrace which is home to an array of shops, tourist attractions and café’s. We made a bee line for the very popular sweet shop Penny Farthing Sweets ( of course! )

My favourite part of the day is up next. I absolutely fell in love with  St Patrick’s Church and we didn’t even go inside! I’m a sucker for a pretty place and this church in my opinion is stunning, seriously I would have loved a church like this for our wedding……. maybe next time! ( I joke, I joke! )

Surrounding this beautiful place is the original Nun’s quarters and the first Catholic Primary School which is very cute and quaint. A short stroll down the adjoining road brings you to the York Junior High School built in 1886.

By now it was starting to warm up a little and Mister 10 was getting cranky, hungry and tired of walking around looking at old buildings! He obviously doesn’t share my love of history! Thankfully Miss 13 is more appreciative. Back to the main street we went in search of food before Mister 10 was forced to gnaw his own arm off or  to eat a piece of fruit, oh the horror! We ended up at quirky little cafe Jules Shoppe where we were served by a delightful man with the biggest gold hoop earrings ( one in each ear ) I have ever seen, he really was lovely!



Burgers all round, except for me I had a sensible chicken and salad sandwich! Which was also very lovely.

The rest of the afternoon was spent pottering around the antique shops looking for treasure. There was so much stuff there, unbelievable! The only one of us to buy something was Miss 13 who absolutely HAD to have a stuffed panda from the RSPCA shop that was sold to her by a very kind elderly lady. There were a few things we missed out on doing due to time constraints but like I said before I will be going back one day for sure!.



By now we were all pretty worn out and so the trek back home began! Lucky for us there is beautiful scenery to gaze upon whilst driving….

Now I will admit that our two kidlets are of an age where it’s relatively easy to pack up and head off for the day. Since they have iPod’s and iPad’s we didn’t really here much complaining from either one! This is a welcome change from their younger days when driving further than thirty minutes was a total nightmare! As long as they are fed and watered, car drives run pretty smoothly nowadays YAY!!

So, if you holiday where do you love to go? I would especially love to hear your thoughts if you are a fellow Perthie!

To see more of historic York and what to do there,  visit these websites


Hope you enjoyed this post, if so please do like and share!

Malinda xxx


6 thoughts on “Road trip! Perth to York

  1. Hi Malinda 🙂 I really enjoyed this post. I am a fellow history lover. A subject I have loved since high school. I absolutely love exploring old buildings and walking in the footsteps of those who walked before us, sometimes centuries before. York looks like a great day trip. Would love to browse in the antique shops and the RSPCA store. My daughter volunteered in an RSPCA store for a few months and loved it. They tend to offer great pricing. A great cause to support. Thanks so much for sharing your day out. Your photos are fantastic and along with your text, I could imagine being there. Have a brilliant weekend. xx

    1. Thanks Deidre,
      We had a great day as you can see! I love wandering around looking at old buildings too and we quite often head into the city or Fremantle. I like to try and teach the kids something and even though Joshua complains he will very often be the one talking about an outing days later! He just loses interest when hungry hehe.
      I can see Grace volunteering at RSPCA any chance she gets in the future!
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, see you on Instagram xxx

  2. I would LOVE To visit Western Australia! What an amazing part of Australia it is. I love that darling church too, I totally get why you fell in love with it. x

    1. Yes WA is very special! Lots of pretty places to visit and many things to do!
      That church was amazing, I only wish we could have gone inside x

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