What’s Happening this Week!

Hello Monday. We meet again!

Today marks the last day of the school holidays in Perth which unfortunately also marks the return of early mornings, school lunches, homework and the inevitable morning rush!

I always find the final term of school goes incredibly fast, no sooner have you packed the kids back to school they are home again! I know there is much to be crammed into last term. School socials, end of year excursions, all the fun of Christmas preparations, end of year presentations and assemblies! Add in Mister 10 birthday’s and I’m beginning to wonder how I will get everything done.

So what’s on the agenda this week?

I’m very excited and happy because hubby still has another week of holidays which means we get to spend some much needed time together. We had a pretty full on week with the kids last week, lots of family outings that I loved. Now it’s the grownup’s turn to do lunch and movies and basically whatever we feel like doing!

You will have to forgive me if I’m a little quieter than usual on the blog this week. I will be back on Wednesday for Woman Crush Wednesday, I have another gorgeous lady to showcase. Friday I’m off to a top secret  launch at Myer so stay tuned to hear all about that!

Hope you guys all have a wonderful week.

I’m still participating in #frocktober as much as I can, for pics of my almost daily frocks head over to thestylewithin’s Instagram page!

See you soon my lovelies,

Malinda xxx




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4 thoughts on “What’s Happening this Week!

    1. Hey Tracie,
      Only a week’s holiday! That shouldn’t be too bad 😉
      What happens for you guys over Christmas? We have about 7 weeks of holidays when school finishes mid December and the kids go back beginning of Feb.
      Do you have a long break also?

      1. holy crap SEVEN WEEKS you say!
        our winter holiday is 2 weeks off. there is also ski holiday that’s 1 week. summer holiday is 10 weeks. spring/easter holiday is just a long weekend. there are a few national holidays in there but a day here and there.

        do you have a summer holiday also?

      2. I probably didn’t explain myself very well! Summer holidays start at the end of December for about 7 or 8 weeks and throughout the year there are three lots of two week breaks usually Easter then again in July and just now in September/ October! Phew…….. sometimes it seems like they are always on holidays lol

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