Woman Crush Wednesday ( The English Edit! )

Imagine befriending a person online and then finally getting the opportunity to meet them in person. Sounds great right……. except if the person turns out to be a total nightmare!

Lucky for me that scenario didn’t play out and the person in question turned out to be just as lovely and warm as I imagined they would be.

So who is this gorgeous English rose you ask?

It’s a lovely lovely lady by the name of Vicki, otherwise known as The Fashionable Mum! If you don’t know her already, shame on you! And if you are familiar with her then you would know what a great lady she is.

Vicki 'The Fashionable Mum'
Vicki ‘The Fashionable Mum’

What I love about Vicki is not just her fab fashion sense but a genuine warmth that radiates from her. This is what I love about blogging, the fantastic people you can meet and chat with. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Vicki in person at last week’s Myer #giftorium launch. She had brought along her two gorgeous girls ( her eldest daughter’s name is Grace, like my daughter! ) and whilst I knew she was going to be there somewhere I really wish our first encounter had not been in the ladies loo, such a glamorous way to make introductions!

Vicki is a fellow bargain hunter and thrift shop extraordinaire having recently taken part in #restyle 2014. I was blown away by some of the outfits she had put together. At the moment Vicki is taking part in #Frocktober and doing a brilliant job. If you would like to donate to her page and help raise money for Ovarian Cancer research CLICK HERE


Frocking Up For  a Great Cause!
Frocking Up For a Great Cause!

Apart from being an all round lovely gal with a cute English accent Vicki is also a fan of  K-mart (or as she told me ‘It’s K-marni’ ) and I’m loving the fact that I have a new friend who is also a runway model……how many of you can say that!

Work It!
Work It!

To see more of this gorgeous fashionista you can find or stalk her in the following ways!

She really is a lovely lady and because she just can’t help being fabulous Vicki is also a style ambassador for Jet Empire Jewellery.

Don’t forget to donate to her #Frocktober page!

Happy Hump Day!

Malinda xxx

* Photo’s are from Vicki’s Instagram feed.



2 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday ( The English Edit! )

    1. We were supposed to meet at the Jet Empire launch my kids were sick and I just missed her at the Karrinyup VIP event so it was good to finally be in the same place at the same time! Was also great meeting me you! Any time you organise a catchup I would love to come x

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