Date Week!

A couple of weeks ago I was extremely excited at the prospect of spending some quality time with the hubster!

After a busy week spent with the kids for their final week of holidays it was a lovely change to slow the pace a little and spend time doing pretty much whatever we wanted!

First up we headed off to the movies to watch Gone Girl An adaptation of the book by Gillian Flynn. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and for me the movie didn’t disappoint. Hubby had no idea what to expect and was very happy with the end result, mind you he was probably just happy it wasn’t a soppy chick flick!

Movie date and playing along with #frocktober
Movie date and playing along with #frocktober

The following day Perth turned up the sunshine and so we tweaked our plans and headed to the coast for breakfast!

We were originally going to White Salt but, stopping the car a tad early we ended up at Cafe 33.

You really can’t go wrong when driving down West Coast Hwy. There are many restaurants and cafe’s to choose from and the view the whole drive down is to die for!

Hubby and I both settled on the Big Breakfast at $19.50 comprising sausage, egg, bacon,mushrooms, hash brown, tomato and toast! A very substantial serving and very reasonably priced. The food was good and I would go again, especially as they offer a kids menu for $12.

For our last day spent together lunching we headed to Crown Perth and dined at Junction GrillThere is something really odd about visiting the casino during the day! Usually when we go at night the complex is bustling! During the daylight hours though ……. not so much! I felt like the naughty kid wagging school. Lunch however was very nice with hubby and I taking advantage of the $13.95 special. Delicious sirloin steak and chips with a side order of salad and drinks. Unfortunately our run of luck on the Roulette table didn’t last long so off we went in search of dessert!

Bathroom selfie playing along with #frocktober!
Bathroom selfie playing along with #frocktober!

Leederville was the destination of choice for dessert at one of my favourite cafe’s Greens and Co for coffee, tea and a beautiful raspberry and rhubarb pie!

Yum on a spotty plate!
Yum on a spotty plate!

The last official day of hubby’s holidays we spent apart. I headed off to the Myer #giftorium and hubby went to the movies. We did meet later to enjoy a final lunch of Subway together because we are just so fancy!

It was such a fun week reconnecting, talking and laughing with each other instead of trying to find five minutes to have a conversation without being interrupted!

Hope you all had a great weekend. If you have the opportunity to spend time with your partner what do you like to do?

Malinda xx




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