Woman Crush Wednesday Special Guest!

I’m going to go all out on this gorgeous Wednesday in Perth and say it would be completely UN-Australian of me to not feature this fabulous woman for Woman Crush Wednesday!

I am talking of course about the one and only…..

Nikki Parkinson and her amazing website Styling You .

Nikki is in Perth as we speak ( or I type ) for the launch of her book Unlock Your Style.

I’m heading off to tonight’s event and can’t tell you how excited I am! Another event was also held last night with Nikki, a blogging seminar that I unfortunately was unable to attend. So bummed, hearing Nikki pass on her wisdom would have been fantastic and meeting more Perth bloggers would have been great to!

Super Stylish { photo from Nikki’s IG page }

I have been a follower of Nikki and Styling You for some time and I love the website. There are so many great tips for the everyday woman from fashion & beauty to life and travel. The #everydaystyle hashtag on Instagram is hugely popular ( I been known to hashtag along with the best of them! ) and the great part about joining in with the other everyday women is the inspiration you can gather for styling your own outfits!

Not far into my own blogging journey I wrote a post inspired by Nikki and her  #iDiscovered post. You can read mine by clicking HEREI was really touched by the lovely comment Nikki left on my post and very grateful for the support and special mention in her follow up post shortly after. For someone like me who is relatively new to blogging, having Nikki take the time to make mention of me was really, really lovely.

All Kinds of FABULOUS! {photo from Nikki's IG page }
All Kinds of FABULOUS! {photo from Nikki’s IG page }

Are you familiar with Nikki and Styling You? If not you should go right now, STOP what your doing and head over to the website!!

Other ways you can connect with Nikki are….

I’ll be back soon with all the goss details from tonight’s book launch!

In the meantime Happy Hump Day!

Malinda xxx





4 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday Special Guest!

  1. Love this post Malinda! And I have a super huge crush on Nikki too! I am still bummed that I haven’t been able to meet her .. but hopefully this day will come soon! Can’t wait to hear all the goss about the event! And to see your outfit.

    Have heaps of fun!

    Andrea xx

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