Ladies who Lunch – Simple Tips

The race that stops a nation!

Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most prestigious horse race but for many of us it’s a chance to frock up, pop on a fascinator and have a flutter on the horses!

This year instead of heading out for lunch I invited my foxy fillies over for lunch, laughs and champagne!

Oh what a lovely day we had!

Although we never did get around to cracking open the bubbles…….. one filly was spotted leaving my place with the bottle firmly tucked under her arm……….you know who you are!

Here’s something you should know about me, apart from a burning desire to consume huge amounts of chocolate I also love to decorate (when I’m not eating chocolate! ) It doesn’t matter what the occasion, Christmas -Easter – birthdays, if it means I can get out my apothecary jars, ribbon and crank up the hot glue gun then I’m in!

Which brings me back to yesterday’s lunch and the point of this post! Simple decorating ideas. Normally I’m a lot more organised, this table setting and all that came with it was actually sourced and put together Monday night! In between school drops-offs, house cleaning and dinner prep I managed to set up the table and make goodie bags! I started with a flurry of idea’s and went off in search of what I needed.

Let’s start with Place Settings

  • Each guest was given a small jar filled with Amaretto biscuits. After three attempts and two trips to the supermarket I finally found biscuits small enough to fit into the jars! The jars were found at Red Dot for $1.00 each. There were similar jars at The Reject Shop, slightly bigger and $1.50 each. Each jar was then tied with coloured string to complete.
  • Name tags were mini blackboards that I already had but you can find them at The Reject Shop. Each packet has 4 and from memory they were $3 per packet.
  • Add some coloured serviettes, tied with string and you’re all done!


Goodie Bags

  • Who doesn’t love a goodie bag! You don’t have to be at a kids birthday party to appreciate the fun of having treats to take home! I love the simplicity of brown paper bags and have heaps of them tucked away in my crap craft cupboard! These bags are from K-mart in packs of 20 for $4. Inside the bags I used small soaps & travel size moisturisers found at Woolworths and Big W, Lindt chocolates and individually wrapped biscuits with some Body Shop samples I very nicely asked for at The Body Shop!
  • Once everything is inside simply fold the top over, then place a paper doily (also found at K-mart packs of 52 for $4) along the fold line. Secure with a small craft peg found at those $2 Discount Variety stores. Then just tie a piece of string around lengthwise and add name tags, also found at K-mart in the craft section.


Lastly the table setting

  • This was my favourite part as I love beautifully set tables! I wanted a very soft girly theme and had a vision in my head of flowers and mason jars! I have used a water carafe from K-mart as a vase and found a couple more glass milk bottles and jam jars at the Discount Variety shop for $2 and my own mini milk bottles. The flowers were just one bunch I picked up at Woolworths and simply divided between the jars until I was happy with how each one looked.
  • To add a little variety to the table I have used white photo frames. I simply put the glass from the frame onto the table, placed the frame back over the top and then arrange the vases and jars according to which ones fit better into the frame size. You could use a larger frame and group all the flowers into one spot or spread them out as I have done. Alternatively you could also use a mirror and place the jars and vases on top of that! It just adds something else to the table.
  • Once you add cutlery, plates and glasses the table soon starts to fill up. I also added a candle, a glass horse that belongs to Miss 13 to keep with the Melbourne Cup theme, some nibblies and of course the goodie bags!



Food glorious food!

My super duper awesome friends each bought a plate of food and as you can see it was amazing, everything was delicious! And poor me was left with more than half the chocolate mousse cake and the pecan pie!

To make the day a bit more fun each of us put money in for a sweeps of sorts! Each filly picked names from hat with the winner taking the cash at the end……. totally not rigged but I was the WINNER!!  Thanks Protectionist. I also wanted to do a little something extra and so there was a mystery prize. Again each lady drew out of a hat with the winner taking home a candle and necklace…… you’re welcome Rose!

And it wouldn’t be Melbourne Cup without something glamorous on your head!

Fabulous Fascinators and Heavenly Headwear
Fabulous Fascinators and Heavenly Headwear

I hope the girls had as much fun coming along as I did faffing about with decorations! I really do get an enormous amount out of doing events like this. I like to think of it as an extension of me and my creativity. It’s my way of showing people how much I cherish them, which probably sounds silly but it’s my way of giving something back to each of them.

Here’s a few photo’s of me being artsy when everyone had left!

Hope you all had a fabulous Melbourne Cup too x

Malinda xxx

PS:  No Woman Crush Wednesday today.  I’ve decided rather than make it a weekly feature it will become a monthly feature! The last Wednesday of each month so keep an eye out x






11 thoughts on “Ladies who Lunch – Simple Tips

    1. Thanks lovely! Yeah I’m not much of a drinker and to be honest I think everyone was too busy chatting to even care!!

  1. Thanks Beth, I should have said they have a little peg on the back so you could use them for heaps of things. I need to go some more for xmas x

  2. Love this Malinda! Everything looked so gorgeous and delicious! And I also love the idea with the photo frames! Well done! xx

    1. Thankyou! Everyone seems to be loving the frame idea, great way to put to use any frames lying around. Would look great with non matching frames in all different sizes! I’m already party planning in my head for xmas and my son’s birthday in Dec! If you look under the Made by Me tab I have a few more ideas……. I’m a hopeless sucker for decorating! xxx

  3. My beautiful friend we luv that you are creative, thoughtful and we totally enjoy the fruits of your passion. I hope and I’m sure something big will come of all your efforts. Thanks again for a lovely day.

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