I Confess….

I have a few confessions to make today. Nothing too shocking or horrifying although there will be a photo of me wearing no make up later in the post so consider this your warning!

Gosh where to start!

When I sat down at the computer this morning I was going to write a post about my summer beauty and hair tips but then I remembered that I’m really really lazy when it comes to hair and beauty products so any advice from me would be utter crap! Instead I will revisit this idea when I’ve had a chat with some of my friends who have more expertise and then report back with their awesome tips!

I love wearing make up and getting my hair done but I’m not one to get excited when Priceline has a huge makeup /beauty/ hair products sale. This is because I wouldn’t even know where to start!

For instance eyeshadow. Love it! When I apply it though I either look like a drag queen or someone who has been punched in the face. I just can’t find the happy balance. Another love, liquid eyeliner! But my god is it hard to apply. Miss 13 has already mastered the art of applying it and last week before the Katy Perry concert I asked if she would like to do my eye makeup. After several attempts and constantly wiping off and re applying she flung her hands in the air declaring that she couldn’t do it because my eyes were just too wrinkly for her to apply it properly. Thanks Miss I don’t have one single line on my thirteen year old eyes!  There I was in the bathroom looking like some kind of demented panda. Arghhhhhh.

And hair …..don’t even go there! For me to have a good hair day a lot of work needs to go into it. My hair is very fine and flat which is why I recently chopped and layered it! I find it more manageable now and the layering has given me more body but I wouldn’t have a clue what products to use for more volume or beachy textured waves. I go looking All.The.Time. for stuff to use but walk out empty handed because it’s all just too much for my brain and then my hair starts to hurt. If I only I could take a wind machine with me wherever I go……. it certainly works for Beyonce!


Some of you may know that over the weekend we had a family photo shoot. So much fun, long overdue. My hugely talented brother was assigned the task of photographer which I know he loved and it made the day much easier for me as I can just be myself around him and yell calmly ask the kids to behave. I have posted a couple of pics on social media and will post more soon. But here’s the thing. The photo’s are gorgeous and I have received some really beautiful comments which are lovely to hear so keep them coming, it’s great for my ego! Just kidding ( or not, whatever! ) but obviously I don’t swan around on a daily basis looking like that, really I don’t!

I have come to realise to that I really am quite vain, and I’m not going to apologise for that. If I post a picture of myself on the blog or a social media site it’s one that shows in my opinion the best version of me. Yes I may have tweaked it a little in regard to lighting or cropping but ultimately it’s still me.

Today though in the interest of keeping things real on the blog here are some shots of myself taken this morning. This is what I would look like if you turned up unannounced to my door. Unfiltered, untouched not the best quality but that’s my crappy iPhone 4!

Me me me!!
Me me me!!

I’ve been asked a few times what this blog is about or what I’m hoping to achieve from it. I don’t feel like I have that quite worked out yet. I hope people are enjoying what I’m writing about. I hope that if I post a picture of an outfit or a bargain that I’ve that found it inspires them in some way. Maybe you like the way I have put items together and think you can translate that into your own style. If I write about my kids, losing a loved one, accepting yourself warts and all, awkward doctors visit’s or having a shit day perhaps you can relate because it’s a scenario you have been through yourself.

I’ve said it before, I’m not perfect and neither is my life.

Next time you see a photo of me looking like this…..

Just know that it took a whole lot of makeup, contact lenses, hairspray, great lighting and an exceptional photographer for me to look like that and you know what, that day I woke up feeling a bit crap with a red swollen eye but off I went anyway, not a wind machine in sight!

Happy Hump Day!

Malinda xxx



17 thoughts on “I Confess….

  1. I really do appreciate just how much effort it takes to get that effortless picture perfect look and you manage to capture it so well and so often. I honestly don’t think your keeping it real photos are that bad.

    I’m sure you will find your blogging voice and feet soon actually I’m pretty sure you already have. For me, the blog does create work, a lot of work for me and not all of it paid work, so it now needs to be more focused and have a vision and possibly a business plan.

    1. Thanks Raych! I feel I need to sit down and really work out what is the right avenue for me as far as the blog being a hobby or something more!
      It’s been a big learning curve these first almost six months and I appreciate the advice you have already given me along the way x

  2. I hear you! As someone who had just started out in the blogging world, I’m not really sure what I want from it apart from documenting outfits for posterity, gabbling about op shop finds and sharing my opinions with at least some people who appear to be reading it. It’s also opened up a world of reading blogs like yours!

    1. Hey Beth,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Yeah it is definitely a conundrum at the moment to know what to do or why I’m doing it and what I want out of it, the blogging I mean! I do like the idea of having something to look back on though regardless of how long it lasts!

  3. Well Minna you’re gonna think I am just saying this because we are close friends but I think you’re just as beautiful without your makeup on. . . . yes seriously! Obviously drop dead gorgeous model-material in the photos Michael has taken but the makeup, hair and clothes only enhance your natural beauty. Well that’s what I think!!!

  4. Oh Jodi my gorgeous friend you always know just what to say to make me smile or bring a tear to my eye! Today it was both, not in a bad way either! As Gab would say, love you long time! xxx

  5. Such a great post, laughed about the panda eyes and wondered what my chances were of having one of my boys do my eyeliner for me?? You never know…I love following a Perth blog and I have to confess that I totally went out and bought the $5 Kmart shoes you posted a while back. I’m trying to be a little more fashionable, embrace my girly side amongst all these boys….lets just say its a work in progress. Learning how to do hair and make up is next on my list. I started my blog about the same time as you and initially it was, and still is, for me and a way to be accountable and document all the adventures along the way. At the moment I am still trying to find my way as well. I’m enjoying the journey anyway! Beth.

    1. Haha can’t imagine my 10 year old son ever wanting to do my makeup! I’m so glad you bought those shoes, I know not everyone has the time to faff about at the shops like I do so I like to think of it as my community service, bringing the bargains to everyone 😉 I love reading your blog and believe it or not you are slowly inspiring me to be more active but like with make up I’m so lazy!
      Enjoy the journey you are on Beth x

  6. Aww. What a sweet post. When a blogger I follow shows they’re just an ordinary gal with the usual stresses I really appreciate it. I really enjoy your posts (and the two tone dress is stunning!), especially the bargain outfits. I often scuttle of to seek them out! So thanks and I’ll keep reading. 🙂

    1. Thank you lovely! Happy to report that I am just an ordinary girl without the bells and whistles most days! I’m so glad you enjoy reading and I hope I’ve pointed you in the direction of some great bargains! xx

  7. I think you are pretty darn gorgeous without any makeup.. and obviously a knock out with it. I had no purpose for the first year of blogging and honestly I think the journey of discovering what my purpose actually was, was half the fun xx

    1. Awwww thank you so much beautiful lady! There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors on the net so I just wanted to show I’m no different to anyone else!
      I’ve only been blogging since June and I’m enjoying the journey and all that it brings. Love discovering other bloggers and reading what is out there! xx

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