Crazy Countdown

It occurred to me the other day that I am someone who enjoys counting down to certain events, special occasions and such.

I think it’s the need to have something to look forward to, a distraction of sorts from the boring and mundane activities of the day to day.

Aside from the obvious approach of Christmas which is by the way only 37 days away or 5 Saturdays! (scared yet) there are quite a few things I’m personally counting down to.

First up our gorgeous boy’s eleventh birthday in 14 days! The older he gets the more tricky it is to find an even spread of gifts. It has been hard this year to know what to buy him but still have ideas up my sleeve for Christmas! His choice would be an iPad……… not going to happen as he will need one for school in another year, sorry J-man you are just going to have to wait!

After Joshua’s birthday the fun really begins (not!) Get excited parents the countdown to school holidays will begin! For Miss 13 it is currently only 25 days away and for Mister almost 11 it is 31 days away. EEKKK!!!!

I find the break between school finishing and Christmas quite bearable as the time goes pretty fast, kids are excited to be done with school and they’re looking forward to all the festivities. By the time school is done I like to have all my present shopping done an wrapped, I loathe wrapping presents on Christmas Eve!

Once Christmas is over then we can really switch into holiday mode! We are heading away a few days after New Years, tell me what does your NYE look like if you have kids? Lately we have just stayed home, cooked a bbq and relaxed. It’s usually unbearably hot by then and the thought of going anywhere crowded does my head in! Right now there are 47 days until our family vacation. YIPPEE!!

Upon our return the kids and I will recharge while poor hubby will be back to work. My time will be spent catching up with friends and getting school supplies organised to start the year All.Over.Again.

The fun begins though in 2015 with a huge milestone for me, my 40th birthday! Right now it’s 122 days away, or the 19th of March for those who can’t be bothered working it out! I have a few plans bubbling away in my brain which I won’t share yet! And just a week before that is the anniversary of hubby and I meeting for the first time. Twenty bloody years! It’s a big number for me as it means I’ve spent half my life with him,  I only had 23 years with my beautiful mum so you can imagine how strange it feels!

So what about you, are you a count downer like me! I’m not a crossing days off the calendar kind of girl but I like to keep a tally going in head, like I said it gives me something to look forward to!

Happy Monday, only 4 days till the weekend!!

Malinda xxx


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