I’m Spinning Around

Just a quick post from me. I had to share this story because I thought it was pretty funny!

Yesterday my phone rang and I could see it was my sister Michelle. I didn’t answer, not because I don’t like my sister but because I had just proceeded to put fake tan moisturiser on my legs!

Once I was done lathering up my pasty white legs I gave her a call back and explained why I hadn’t answered when she phoned. This of course led to a lengthy conversation on all things fake tan.

My sister has been genetically blessed with olive skin so her need to fake it isn’t as necessary as mine. She looks permanently tanned year round. She hates winter and will pop off to Bali during the cooler months for a tan top-up!

Anyway we babbled on about different products we’ve both used and she began to tell me about a friend of hers. This particular friend favours the DIY variety of fake spray tan and enlists the help of her husband. Apparently they head out to the garage and hubby sprays her down whilst she turns very slowly clockwise……. or anticlockwise……. whatever I doubt it matters!

So Michelle says to me, perhaps John could do that for you. At which point I burst out laughing because if you were to ever meet my hubby you would know that’s just not going to be his thing. Even if I’m standing there butt naked!

Then come’s the piece of advice I may never truly recover from, she says

‘ If only there was some way to spin you slowly around……. you know like a Lazy Susan or something’

Cue hysterical laughing from both of us. I can just picture it in my head now.

Me perched atop a Lazy Susan, naked while the kids ( because they would HAVE to be there! ) take turns yelling out,

‘It’s my turn to spin her’ or ‘Stop it you’re going to fast, she’s gonna fall off!’

(or barf as I don’t do spinning things very well)

Between kid wrangling, yelling at the dog (yes she’d HAVE to be there too) and hubby armed with can of spray tan I can pretty well imagine how the whole ordeal would turn out!

I have visions of arms and legs flying everywhere and me being spun madly around! I would be living the dream if this were to actually happen!

All I keep picturing is me spinning and then looking like one of those BBQ ducks you see hanging up in Chinese restaurants.

So thanks for the advice sis but I’ll stick to my Palmers Natural Bronze tanning moisturiser, which has worked a treat so far and after only one application!!

Bikini from K-mart $12 each piece.


Happy Thursday everyone , it’s almost the weekend!

Malinda xxx

8 thoughts on “I’m Spinning Around

  1. good stuff right there girl! laughing because i was picturing the lazy susan before you even got there… and then… that’s what she said!
    what a scene!

    you look like you have beautiful skin and yeah for that!

    i’ve tried self tan once. not a fan. i have some native american heritage so i have a little color going on all the time add 5 minutes of real sunshine and i’m brown as a bean and yeah for that!

    thanks for the giggle! x+o

    1. Hi Tracie!
      So glad you liked it.
      You know what is funny……..I to have native american heritage! On my dad’s side, I think I’m about 1/16th or something. Obviously not enough to give me any colour at all!
      I would love to to be able to just get a tiny bit of tan but unfortunately I just burn so I hardly ever go in the sun and have never been much of a sun baking type. Now I’m dealing with the outcome of being in the sun as a kid which wasn’t even that much in my opinion, but two would be skin cancers later I see the damage was done.
      Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. I will never ever be able to look at my lazy Susan in the same way ever again. I’m guessing you might get a few lazy Susan’s or spray tan vouchers for Christmas this year.

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