Woman Crush Wednesday…….. Girls, Girls, Girls

Thank you for being a friend..
Travel down the road and back again..
Sing along you know the words!

Having just returned home from a coffee date with a beautiful friend as well as a very enjoyable night out last night with another beautiful friend it seemed only fitting that today’s Woman Crush Wednesday be a HUGE shoutout to the women in my life that I am lucky to call friends!

I won’t name them all individually or post photo’s of them as some are a little camera shy but because they are very clever ladies I’m sure they will know who they are!

Teacher – artist – hairdresser – business owner -sahm – research scientist – retail extraordinaire! Just to name a few talents of my amazing friends!

I have broad range of foxy friends, all at varying ages and stages in their lives. Some I have known since primary school and high school. I have commiserated with them over boys and broken hearts. Talked over fights with parents and siblings as well as spent too many drunken nights ( them not me! ) in alleyways holding hair back as they puke, cos you know…… friends.

I’ve been to many 18th’s, 21st’s, engagements, weddings and christenings. Shared in the excitement of first pregnancies and the joy and apprehension of ultrasound pictures showing not one but two beating hearts. And worried about that person from start to finish and quietly fist pumped her when she survived the first year because I knew she could do it even if she didn’t believe it herself! Not to mention countess hours spent talking babies, toddlers and impending teenagers with much love and laughter because sometimes that’s all you need, someone to laugh (or cry) with and know you’re not alone!

I have friends from work, some of my favourite friends have come from the workplace. When you spend so much of your time with them it’s nice to work with those who make your day just that little bit brighter!  I’m also very lucky to have met some gorgeous women when my kids started going to school and although they may have changed schools I’m so happy our friendship continued on.

Regardless of how long I’ve known them or how often we catch up each and every one of my friends are never far from my thoughts. Especially if I know they’ve been having a rough time. Unfortunately there will always be the shitty parts of life. I’ve sympathised and mourned the loss of loved ones right along with them just as they did for me when my mum passed away.

At the end of the day I would be lost without those gals!

They’re my tribe, my very own band of misfits. Except some of them are not misfits at all and that’s OK! They make me laugh, cheer me up. Challenge me to go and try new things and support me each step of the way.

So to the woman in my life near and far, old and new I say thank you.

Thank You for being you and for allowing me to just be me. There’s a special space reserved in my heart for each of you.

Happy Hump Day!

Malinda xxx


4 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday…….. Girls, Girls, Girls

    1. Thanks Sonia,
      You can never underestimate the power of solid friendships! I’m very lucky to have such a beautiful tribe xx

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