Mr Magoo

Joshua Luke
Joshua Luke

You were born on a warm summer morning at 8.22 A.M.

Two weeks early thanks to a scheduled c-section, weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces. I held you in theatre, completely shocked that we had been blessed with a little boy as I thought for sure I was carrying another girl!

And then you were whisked off to Neonatal and I went off to recovery. I didn’t see you again until 7.30 P.M. You were placed into a little oxygen tent to help with your breathing and waiting to see you and hold you again felt like an eternity. I knew you were okay, your dad and big sister keeping an eye on you and the nurses calling my room with regular updates, but still I wanted to see my baby boy!

And now here we are 11 years later!

Our sweet, cheeky blue eyed boy. Always with a mischievous grin on your face especially if your sister is in the general vicinity. But it wasn’t always like that!

As a baby and toddler you were actually rather quiet. Preferring to watch from the sidelines or go along with whatever Grace forced wanted you to do. Then at three you had to have your tonsils and adenoids removed as they were causing sleep apnea to such a degree that you would stop breathing. Never a dull moment with you! After your surgery as the doctor predicted you really became a new kid. Not in a bad way, you just became you!

Your speech improved tenfold so I no longer had to ask Grace to translate what on earth you were talking about. You two spent so much time together playing and watching movies that she always knew exactly what you were saying.

Now you can’t wait to get away from her! But what you don’t realise is how much you still rely on her and enjoy her company despite what you might say. I listen when you think I can’t hear and I watch you interact with her. I think you forget sometimes that she is your annoying older sister and you treat her like a friend. These are the moments I live for because it shows that deep down you love her.

The great thing about you Joshua is that there is a whole other side to you that not everyone gets to see except us closest to you.

Everyone knows you’re funny! The first one to crack a joke and when you retell a story, particularly a funny one it really is a site to behold. When something is hilarious to you, you don’t hold back. You laugh with every fibre of your being. Wholeheartedly, without reservation and very very loudly! These are some of my favourite memories of you.

And then there’s sweet gentle Joshua. The side you keep hidden behind a mask of jokes and sarcasm. I suppose you have me to thank for that! Better to act like you don’t care than to show your true feelings. You tell me and your dad that you love us all the time ( still working on saying it to Grace! ). You still like to snuggle up on the couch and will often come and ask for a hug. You HATE going to bed if you think I’m cross with you without resolving the issue first. You are the first to help out a friend and have a very clear definition of what is right and wrong. You are loyal, funny, smart and of course super cute!

You have a great ability to adapt to your surroundings. When you changed schools after kindy to help with your language development I worried constantly that you would freak out! But on the first day of Pre-primary you simply kissed me goodbye and went on your way. Excelling at meeting the speech and language requirements you were back at your old school for the start of year one, picking up friendships as if you had never left.

You have a bit of a love /hate relationship with school! Your best subjects by far are maths and sports. You are a very talented sportsman for which I take no credit and you love to play lots of different sports. You have a natural ability and can pick up the skills required with ease. You still hold the record in your footy team for the longest kick!  I can only assume your ability comes from your dad, along with your exceptional maths brain because you certainly didn’t get that from me either!

I wrote a post for your sister earlier this year to mark her thirteenth birthday. I talked about my hopes and fears for her future. My wishes for you as you get older are much the same.

Remember to always be true to yourself. Be a leader not a follower, a strong man with integrity and values. Follow your dreams and ambitions wherever they may take you. Even if they take you far away from me, just promise to come back when you’re done.

It’s such a different world that awaits you and I would be lying if I said I didn’t worry about your future and what lies ahead. Here’s hoping our words of advice and life lessons are enough to see you through.

When I was pregnant with your sister we had a boy name and girl name decided upon. Obviously Grace took her name and you were named

Joshua Luke

I’m not an overtly religious person so I have always found it amusing that the two names we chose are Biblical names. I always liked the way they sounded together.

Salvation and Light.

So my son,

May your dreams always come true. May your highs be plentiful and your low’s minimal. You may on occasion drive me totally bonkers with your stubbornness and testing attitude but I wouldn’t have it any other way. To know you is to love you and I will always be here for you. I’m very very proud of you and love being your mum.

Happy Birthday Mr Magoo

Love always, Mum xxx

4 thoughts on “Mr Magoo

  1. Beautiful Malinda, what a lucky little man Joshua is having you as his Mum. How blessed are we to have our beautiful boys! Happy birthing day to you lovely! xx Deb

    1. Thanks Deb, as mum’s we all think our kids are pretty special! I’m very lucky to have mine in my life as I’m sure you are xxx

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