Oh Christmas! ( Part 2 ) Craft Crazy

Crafting, crafter, DIY, homemade, made it myself.

Are these terms familiar to you or do you hear the words and run screaming for the hills! 

I don’t consider myself to be a crafty person. I’m no Martha Stewart and there are some crafty creations that I just do not have time for. But I will admit to having a dedicated space for crafty things like paper, ribbon, cards, wrapping paper, stickers, glue!!

I think of myself as more of a creative person rather than a crafty person, ie give me a hot glue gun and look out! If I can tie a ribbon to it or hole punch it to within an inch of it’s life then I totally will! ( then I’ll add a cute chalkboard name tag and wrap it in cellophane! )

Which brings me to the point of this post, bear with me I get distracted easily…..

C H R I S T M A S!

Love it, love to get ‘creative’ and make pretty things. Today I have three easy peasy fun activities if you are looking for something to do, all of them would be great for the kids to get involved in also.

Before I go any further I have to just clarify that although I didn’t dream up these ideas myself, this is my take on the original idea. I love to give credit where credit is due , the first two ideas popped up on Facebook or Instagram and I honestly don’t know where they came from originally. A quick google search revealed a heap of hits so I apologise for not being able to credit the original source!


This is the easiest most colourful tree ever! I did a version of a stick tree a couple of years back that involved a lot more work than this one and love both of them. The kids had great fun sourcing the sticks for me and the process is as simple as sticking pom pom’s onto sticks using a hot glue gun and then placing sticks into a beautiful vase! I went a step further and added a label to my vase….


I’m really pleased with the result, it’s happy and fun just as Christmas should be. The super talented Mandy from RedAgape has a Pom Pom Tree version on her blog plus other beautiful ideas, look out for her Stick Christmas tree or beautiful white clay tags. Just gorgeous.


So milk bottles and mason jars have been HUGE lately and these Reindeer milk bottles are just the cutest! I’m making these for my younger nieces and nephew and no doubt my own kids will want one too! Again super easy so the kids could make these for school friends / teachers. I have used plastic milk bottles rather than glass as it’s just more user friendly for little hands. I found plastic bottles with lids at The Reject Shop. A box of 6 for $6.

Reindeer Milk Bottles
Reindeer Milk Bottles

You will need…

  • Maltesers, malted milk balls or similar
  • Hot glue gun, 1 x red mini pom-pom, 2 x googly eyes, 2 x pipe-cleaners and 1 x milk bottle.

Begin by placing maltesers into milk bottle, attach lid. Take pipe-cleaners ( to make antlers ) and cut one in half. Secure uncut pipe-cleaner around neck of milk bottle by twisting it at the back. Take one half of the other pipe-cleaner and place around ends then twist until firmly in place. Cut down pipe-cleaners to make antlers more even in size, repeat on the other side. Attach googly eyes and red pompom nose using hot glue gun and whalaa done!


If you have been playing along with the gorgeous Raychael from Agent Mystery Case did you correctly guess what I was crafting for The Craft Within!

{ Malinda’s Goodie Bags! }

I think of this particular activity as being more in the creative category than craft as it feeds my obsession to tie pretty ribbons and tags to yummy goodies! I’m hosting brunch at my place this year on Christmas morning and I thought it would be nice to have a little something for everyone to take home. For instance my brother loves Fruit Mince Pies……. me not so much and my sister is more savory tooth than sweet tooth so I like the idea of a goodie bag suited to what they like. These are also another good idea for teachers / work mates or just to give to a friend.

Goodie Goodie!


In the bags I prepared earlier I have used fruit mince pies, shortbread biscuits and assorted chocolates! The plastic gift bags are from Woolworths ( 20 pack for $2 ) I have also seen the bags in discount stores. Alternatively you could wrap your goodies in cellophane and tie with string. I love butchers twine, string or raffia for tying and the tags used have come from either K-mart or Woolworths.

I have also made goodie boxes for my own kids. I used to buy them a generic stocking each year but now I like to make something for them. I found these adorable boxes at Red Dot and knew straight away what I would use them for!


Filled with mini chocolate santa’s, snowmen and of course the obligatory candy cane!

Over the years I have made a few fun things at Christmas time. One of my favourites was Reindeer Noses!

Reindeer Noses
Reindeer Noses

At the time I paid for my topper but now there are quite a few available as a free download. Here is a link to one I thought was pretty cute. I am also totally in love with a gorgeous wreath Sarah at Creating Contentment has made out of plastic spoons, now THAT is crafting!!  See it here.

Now the last thing I want to share with you all is some fab craft activities at K-mart sure to keep the kids amused and inexpensive too! I have bought paper chains for my kids to make but you can also get these great themes and more ……



Finally I’m done!

Officially crafted out but I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Next week for Part 3 of Oh Christmas I’m sharing my table setting and gift wrapping ideas ( two of my favourites! ) But right now I need a cup of tea and a lie down…….

Malinda xxx

PS –  You can see more Christmas fun under my Made By Me tab, just click Christmas Styling!





25 thoughts on “Oh Christmas! ( Part 2 ) Craft Crazy

    1. You’re very welcome! I have been following you on IG for a little while now and I love everything you do! So much beauty xx

  1. My girls all want you to adopt them. They love craft but I’m rather allergic. I think we may have had a correct guess, will check later tonight. The giveaway is open for a little while, so plenty of time for everyone else to leave a comment and be in the running for our 2nd mystery prize.

    1. Hahaha happy to get crafty with them! I think you may be right about the correct guess……. let’s hope I get some more comments over here xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah I really love the tree too!
      I think a few people were on the right path with the reindeer theme!
      Thanks for coming and having a read xxx

  2. Oh my boys will love this idea for a few special friends – where did you get the Milk bottles. We made reindeer noses last year for yr 1 and all the kids were very impressed.
    Via @mysterycase blog.:)

  3. I quite enjoy getting my crafty on, however doing it with four boys makes me fall into the category of running for the hills! I love all these ideas and am going to give a few a whirl with the kids!

    1. Oh YAY!!! So happy you are going to try some, the kids will love it! Some days I want to run to the hills when the kids want to do stuff! xxx

  4. I am not very crafty – I look to cook and that is my creative thing – most of my craft efforts fail however I am giving that pompom tree a go!! I think I could probably do that one and it looks amazing!!!

    1. Bless you lovely, I hate to cook! If I didnt have two kids and a husband to cook for I dont think I would bother haha. I’m so happy you’re going to try the tree, I promise its as easy as it looks! Send me a pic if you do make one! M x

      1. We made one – and it WORKED!! Unfortunately only one because my glue gun ran out of glue – kids cannot wait to do the next one! We are going them as table decoration for our big Christmas day (27 people!!) I’ll pop a photo up on your facebook page 🙂

      2. Woohoo!!! Great job Natasha, I’ve seen the Facebook photo and it looks awesome! Love the silver and white. Thank you for sending me a pic, enjoy making more they will look great as table decorations xx

  5. I will be making a pom pom Christmas tree tomorrow, loved it! Such a simple idea and I know I have a TONE of pom poms in my craft drawer I can put to good use.

  6. I’m so glad I found you! (thanks Mystery Case!) I LOVE these ideas and they’re so easy, perfect to do with the kids. I think I’ll attempt the pom pom tree over the weekend. Thank you! =)

    1. I’m so glad you found me too! Big thanks to Raychael 😀
      I’m happy to hear you like the ideas and you will have so much fun making the tree with the kids! Thanks for coming and having a read xx M

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