What I’ve Been Up to!

I feel the need to give a massive shout out to FRIDAY!!

YAY Friday!

You know when you have one of those weeks when nothing feels right and it’s so hard to motivate yourself into doing the things that need to be done. Yeah that.

That’s been my week. That’s why I sit here now clicking away on the keys feeling like I need to explain my absences!

Maybe it’s the rush of birthday’s, end of year presentations & excursions and the impending onslaught of Christmas cheer and holidays that has me feeling out of whack.

I have spent a quite a lot of this week thinking about the blog. Should I continue with it, am I doing a good job?. It’s a lot of time and effort for what seems like very little reward at times! Should I be doing more, is there an expectation for me to do more? I find myself continually caught up in numbers and stat’s and likes and followers, it’s exhausting! And I have to say a little demoralising!

But here’s what I love about blogging. I have in all honesty ‘met’ some lovely people through the bloggershere ( totally not a word! ). On Instagram and Facebook and I am genuinely humbled by all of the lovely comments that people have made on those social media sites or here on the blog or even those that have gone so far as to message or email me privately. It is so nice to have feedback on what you are doing and to know that people are reading and enjoying what you are putting out there!

So here’s the conclusion I’ve come to for now……

I will continue to blog up until Christmas and then as the holidays move full steam ahead I am going to have a little blogging break to reassess where I’m at and if this is the right thing for me to pursue in the new year. I love writing and shopping and talking about things I have bought, planning outfits or parties and life in general. But reality bites and after taking this year as a gap year of sorts I do need to find a job! If you know anyone in Perth looking for someone for a few days a week once the kids go back to school, shoot me an email, I’m open to offers!

So for now I say thank you to all of you that read and participate in my little corner of the internet! I am very happy to have pointed out a bargain to you, inspired an outfit choice or made you laugh!

For now here’s what is coming up in the immediate future. Part 3 of ‘Oh Christmas’ will be raring to go very soon. I have some table setting and gift wrapping ideas for you all. Plus I’m super duper excited to announce my first give away! This will be in conjunction with the gorgeous Leyla from Charming Bracelets. Unfortunately it will be an Instagram only giveaway and for Australian residents only due to shipping time constraints this close to Christmas.

Just before I leave you I have to make mention of my two awesome kids. They have both provided myself and their dad with proud parent moments this week. Please indulge me for a moment!

Firstly Mister 11 has been chosen from a very small number of children to learn Classical Guitar next year in an extension program at his school! We are really proud of him for trying something new and we look forward to seeing him play. And Miss 13 who has struggled at times with anxiety and having to start high school not knowing anyone has blown us away with her continued love of learning and commitment to school work. Last night with tears in my eyes I watched her walk on stage to collect two academic awards. Based on assessment results for the entire year she is the top student for Year 7 in English and Mandarin. I can’t tell you how incredibly proud we are of both of them.

That’s all from me for now!

See you all next week, have an awesome weekend.

Malinda xxx

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up to!

  1. Malinda, I love reading your blog and love your style and shopping ability. I think that you do fabulous job and really hope that The Style Within continues. You so genuine and honest and refreshing. Love your work. Shannon x

    1. Thanks a bunch Shannon! You know the feeling is mutual, I’m just in a bit of a rut I think!! But your support is most welcome, thanks again and keep doing what you’re doing too because it’s fabulous! xxx M

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