Oh Christmas ( Part 3 ) Gifts & Tables….. Oh My!


I’m as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine!

Which basically means I’m pretty happy right now and so so excited to bring you some of my idea’s for sprucing up your table for Christmas and adding some flair to your gift wrapping!

I consider these two activities to be a load of fun, a chance for me to really get happy with my ribbons, string and pretty things but I also know that some of us couldn’t think of anything worse! But not me…… I love to faff about endlessly!

I have put together three different looks for table settings. In each photo you will see that I have concentrated on just one place setting. If I was going to do one of these themes I would spread the decorations across the table rather than have them focused in one place. It doesn’t take long for a table to start getting cluttered up with decorations, glassware, cutlery and so on, in my opinion you don’t have to have a lot of stuff on the table! I also haven’t spent a heap of money and tend to reuse past decorations but in a different way!

Please enjoy…….


Traditional Red & Gold

This setting I have kept very simple by using rosemary from my garden along with some pine (I think) clippings. Placed into a bowl with a tealight candle to tie the theme together. Not only does it look effective but it smells divine! I love the freshness of using herbs or clippings from your own garden.

I have also used my glass jars from K-mart filled with red & gold baubles and added the gifts I made last week for more colour. My mason jars I have glammed up with bell ornaments tied on with string! The table runner was purchased from Red Dot for $2.99 and placemats are from previous years!


I love this super cute and simple idea for name card holders. Using three candy canes tied with string!


All That Glitters Is GOLD
All That Glitters Is GOLD

For this setting I have kept the same table runner and placemats but changed out the baubles in the glass jar to all gold. The place settings are mini blackboards purchased at Woolworths and I have used last weeks gifts inside the bowls to add more gold. I have also used a gold Christmas tree that I’ve had for many years and placed a gold plate from K-mart under the glass jar continuing the theme. Change the serviettes and add Christmas crackers then you’re pretty well done!


Shiny Silver and Sparkly Blue
Shiny Silver and Sparkly Blue

This look is my most favourite! Nothing like I will be doing this year but I just love this colour scheme! For this setting I have changed over to a white/silver table runner which I believe I purchased at Thingz and blue placemats that I have had for many many years! Inside the bowls are simply Christmas tree ornaments. I’ve added the silver Christmas crackers and changed serviettes.

My fabulous white tree is from Spotlight a couple of years back which I painted white. I have added a few silver ornaments that I’ve collected over the years like reindeers from Coles and tealight candle holders. I’m such a hoarder of stuff!

Fairy Lights and Antlers!
Fairy Lights and Antlers!

One of my most recent purchases has been these antlers from Kmart, I love them so much! I toyed with the idea of wrapping fairy lights around the antlers which I think is a great idea but ended up placing battery operated lights into a jar for another cool look that I absolutely love love love!! Such a simple but effective idea!


I love wrapping presents!

Brown paper packages tied up with string……… etc etc!! Again you don’t have to be particularly craft minded to pretty up your gifts. By adding simple decorations like baubles, candy canes, pretty string or pompom’s you can make an impact very easily! Another thing I like to do is double up the gift wrap, for instance brown paper first then add a layer of coloured paper over the top leaving enough space to see the brown underneath!

Here are four simple ideas!

  1. Use up any stray pom poms lying around by gluing onto your gift with pretty name tags and ribbon.
  2. Tree ornaments and baubles make anything look shiny and pretty!
  3. Out in the garden again using clippings and baubles with a beautiful name tag
  4. Simplicity at it’s best, a candy cane, ribbon and name tag.

DIY Christmas Cracker


I thought I would have a little fun with Miss 13 this year! Having purchased lot’s of little gifts I thought I would pile them all into one present and decided to fashion a cracker out of some craft paper I had lying around.

First step was bundling up the gifts inside a plastic bag. Next I used our coffee tin to get the right cylinder shape. Once I was happy with the shape I put the plastic bag inside, closed up the ends and wrapped the cylinder in brown paper. Add ribbon to both ends to make it look like a cracker then a strip of Christmas paper. TADAA!! She will be surprised at how much is in there!

Now for those of us who like our gift wrapping to be practical why not try wrapping your gifts in a tea towel! I found a set of three tea towels at Kmart for $5 and have used one to wrap a bottle of wine.


I wish I had a strategy for how to wrap but all I did was play around with the tea towel until I was happy with it! Add some pretty ribbon and a gift card to complete your gift!

One last thing to share with you all is a recipe I found on Facebook and thought it would be a great easy thing to do with the kids and then use for gifts!


Here is the link to the recipe by 4 Ingredients. How yummy does this look!

To see more of my fun ideas for Christmas see these posts

Or see my gallery under the Made By Me tab, search Christmas Styling.

Have an awesome week everyone

Malinda xxx


5 thoughts on “Oh Christmas ( Part 3 ) Gifts & Tables….. Oh My!

  1. Love all of these ideas, I think the blue and white is my fave. I’m a huge fan of fairy lights especially in jars, vases or cloches, I picked up some beautiful copper wire ones from typo recently, perfect for wrapping around anything. X

    1. Typo has such gorgeous things Jen! I never get a chance to go into their store as there aren’t any near me! I’m so in love with anything that has lights at the moment, such an easy way to decorate anything xx

  2. I love all that you have showed us Mal. You are a clever clogs 🙂 If I had to pick a favourite place setting, I’d go with the first one. I really like that element of nature with the sprigs. Well done. You did a brilliant job with everything 🙂 xx

  3. Thank you gorgeous lady! I’m actually doing something more along the lines of the first one for our Christmas brunch so keep an eye out for photo’s later on. I’m really liking the nature element this year xx

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