Fortune Favours The Fashionable!

Here we are again……. Fri-yay!!

Now just to prove that I haven’t gone totally Christmas cray-cray ( which wouldn’t be hard by the way since my house currently looks like Xmas came and threw up everywhere! ) I have still been scouring the shops for bargains.

Before we get to my shopping finds I just have to say,


So much so that today whilst trying to be super productive and tidy up all my craft stuff I may have accidently made these…..

Harry & George
Harry & George

In my defense at least I used up a whole lotta craft crap that I don’t need anymore! It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of foam balls HA!

Now lets get back to fashion……… are you noticing a pattern?

Crop top madness.

It started with the first one and has escalated to this!


  • Zeitgeist Crop – Anglicare Op-shop $12
  • Houndstooth Crop – Factorie $19.95
  • Bettina Liano Crop – Myer $27.50
  • Striped Crop – Temt $9.95

Originally I was looking for a striped crop and kept getting sidetracked along the way! I absolutely love all of them and honestly would not be able to pick a favourite right now.

Next up are two bags I have found, both are from K-mart so you know they are going to be reasonably priced!

I love this beach bag! Really great size and what an awesome present it would make, just add a beach towel and summer slides!

  • BeachBag K-mart – $15.00
  • Slides K-mart – $10.00

I know K-mart has some lovely beach towels, always great prices if you’re looking for a last minute pressie! You could even include a hat and of course some suncream or sunnies!

I am loving all things mesh at the moment and fell in love with this top and bag! Plus I really love the crispness of white for summer, the trick is keeping it white!

  • White Mesh Top Temt – $14.95 ( on sale )
  • White Mesh Look Handbag K-mart – $10.00 ( on sale, originally $20 )

And then there’s this!


Who doesn’t love anything featuring a pineapple…….. I think Miss 13 will be most impressed with this tote bag I have for her!

  • Pineapple Tote Factorie – $4.95

With Christmas day fast approaching I am busy planning (yes I said planning) my outfit! I have always for as long as I can remember gone to extra effort on Christmas day with mine, hubby and the kids outfits! I can hear my mum saying …… ‘you were brought up not dragged up!’

So with outfit in mind I was so excited to find this gorgeous piece

Colette Necklace – $8.50!!!! ( half price sale at Colette! )

Merry Christmas to me!!

That’s all I have for this week. I’ll be back soon, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Malinda xxx




2 thoughts on “Fortune Favours The Fashionable!

  1. I can’t be looking at all these awesome bargains! I’ve spent way too much on myself this week and I need to reel it in . . . but I have been eyeing that Kmart chevron beach bag for a while and that Colette necklace is to die for!

    1. Thanks Beth! I cant help myself although I should…… my only vice is shopping for bargains! Have a great Xmas, sorry for the late reply xxx

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