Christmas Snapshot

Well it’s about that time……

Time to sign off for the year for a little blogging break!

I’m taking a moment to reflect back on the year that was and all I have to be grateful for, after all that is the point of this time of year isn’t it. To count your own blessings and think of those less fortunate than yourself. It seems particularly fitting as this year draws to a close given recent event’s in Australia. The hostage seize in Sydney, the deaths of eight innocent children in QLD and closer to home the terrible tragedy of little Sam Trott, just two and half years old found drowned in a lake close to home after hours of frantic searching. Many people affected by such devastating events and their lives changed forever.

So I’m looking back on those things I’m grateful for. Things that made me happy, incredibly proud or relieved.

January started off well! Fish & Chips on the Mandurah foreshore but just days later on another trip to the beach it was a different story. Mister 11 whilst running down the sand dunes gashed his thigh open on a broken beer bottle kindly left behind by some idiot. I’m so very thankful the injury was on his thigh and not elsewhere on his body like his chest, neck or face and I’m eternally grateful that our friend carries a first aid kit in his car!

February & March breezed by rather quietly although I’m very proud of how well Miss 13 settled into her first year of high school. I still remember the tears stinging at my eyes though when I dropped her off!

April marked sixteen years of wedded bliss for John and I and as the month moved into May we celebrated our nephews beautiful wedding and attended a pretty gory Hospital of Horrors themed 21st party for our niece!

June was a super duper eventful month with two gorgeous babies born! Firstly a son Mathew for another niece and her husband and just a few weeks later my oldest friend from school welcomed her daughter Shardae! So happy and grateful for the safe arrival of such beautiful cherubs. For me the decision to start this little blog was born and so it began!

July is a month I always look forward to as it’s our daughters birthday and this one was a biggie! THIRTEEN…….OMG!!! My little bundle of pink joy was now a teenager, god help me! I’m forever thankful for the day she entered this world and changed our lives forever, although she could have hurried up a bit (14 hours for crying out loud)!! You can read more about Grace here . July also marked my annual dermatologist appointment… insert funny story here! Unfortunately three suspicious freckles later I was headed for surgery.

August. Not a favourite month of mine and this year made worse by the afore mentioned surgery on my calf to remove a potential skin cancer, my second in a year. However all pathology came back clear and that’s the main thing! Happy happy joy joy for I know many more people go through far worse than I did. August also marks the anniversary of my mum’s passing, you can read more about I feel about that here. Mister 11 also finished another successful season of football, uninjured which is always a bonus and it’s great to see him developing his skills as a player and team mate.

September was pretty fun I have to say! I had a great night out with my brother in law watching the Robbie Williams concert swoon! And I attended my very first VIP Fashion event which was very exciting! Miss 13 embarked on her biggest journey thus far by agreeing to go to school camp!! Quite a feat for someone who struggles with anxiety so I can’t say enough how proud I am that she took that leap.

October we were road trippin’ to York! Hubby had a birthday and holidays from work.  I attended the launch of the Myer Giftorium, met some lovely local bloggers and had a great time! I was very grateful for the unexpected goodies we were gifted on the day!

Now onto November. JAM PACKED to say the least! Lots going on, lots of happy times and super proud moments. The month kicked off with Melbourne Cup at my place, then family photo’s….. long overdue, much gratitude to my awesome brother for taking the photo’s! Hubby and I partied at the Katy Perry concert and Miss 13 featured in two art exhibitions! Phew

And now here we are, almost at years end!

December means another important day. This time Joshua’s 11th birthday celebrated with family. It’s hard to believe that he is already so grown up and becoming a young man, you can read more about Joshua here. We were very blessed with his safe arrival plus he was a good boy and didn’t make me wait too long!  So with the approach of Christmas comes the end of year socials, excursions and awards. We are very proud of both the kids and how much effort they put into school and trying their best. It a lovely achievement for Grace to be recognised for her hard work.

With only two more sleeps until the big day I’m feeling pretty good with where I’m at in terms of organisation! My presents are all purchased and wrapped, menu is sorted, decorations done and of course the outfit!

Here’s what we’ll be doing….

  • EATING – Brunch at my house this year so the menu is fairly straightforward and very non-traditional. Bacon, eggs, pancakes oh YUM!
  • DRINKING –  Not a family of big drinkers so I’m making a punch to have Christmas morning. It will probably be hot already so something cold will go down a treat!
  • LISTENING – So many Xmas albums to choose from! I said it before I ♥ Christmas…… Michael Buble is my favourite!

Before I sign off for the year I would just like to say a BIG thank you to everyone that has jumped on board this little blog of mine! I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing what I hope have been funny, informative, light hearted or moving posts to you all. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy the blog process as much as I have. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet great people and attend some really lovely events. So again, thanks for sharing this piece of the internet with me!

I wish you all, friends & family a wonderful Christmas filled with much love, laughter, food and wine! Be kind to one another.

I will be back after a short break of eating, drinking ( not much! ) being merry and spending time relaxing with this gorgeous family I am lucky to have!

Cheers to the New Year and another chance to get things right…..


Much love M xxx

A little slideshow of the year that was!

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