5 Fabulous Ways to Wear a Midi – Skirt!

I’ve had a bit of an obsession going on with midi – skirts for a few months now. It all started when I saw the most gorgeous skirt in Target from their Runway to Rack collection.

But you know, being the tightass budget savvy fashionista that I am I didn’t purchase the $80 skirt that I lurved instead I went on the look out for something just as cute without the hefty price tag. I did keep me eyes peeled though, for that lovely Target skirt during the sales but alas it was not to be!

So in the lead up to Christmas I was determined to find a skirt that I liked and just like that the Baby Jesus answered my prayers! Kinda……( most likely my keen eye rather than divine intervention! )

I was out shopping as usual when I saw a fab pink midi-skirt just waiting to be purchased! So new that it hadn’t even made it’s way onto the shop floor yet……..!

I was bursting at the seems to wear my ensemble on Christmas day, as I’ve said before I love buying new outfits for the family to wear for Christmas. We’ll get to the outfit in a moment.

For today’s post I have put together five outfits featuring two midi-skirts and a variety of tops. As you scroll through the photo’s I will let you know where the items are from to the best of my ability. A couple of the tops are staples from my wardrobe but you will see they are items that should be easy to find or you may have something similar in your wardrobe already!

First up is the Christmas Day outfit!

  • Striped Crop Top – Temt $9.95
  • Candy Pink Midi Skirt – Valley Girl $29.95
  • Nude Heels – K-mart $20.00
  • Necklace – Colette $8.50

Outfit 2

  • Candy Pink Midi Skirt – As above
  • Bon Jour Tee – K-mart  $12
  • Floral Flats – Best and Less $15
  • Sunglasses – Op shopped $3
  • Striped Clutch – Op shopped $4

I can’t tell you how much I love both of these looks! I know pink isn’t everyone’s colour so with that in mind I also purchased a black skirt!

Outfit 3

  • Black Midi Skirt – Asos $28.50
  • Bettina Liano Crop – Myer $27.50
  • Block Heels K-mart $9
  • Macy Bag – Gifted
  • Necklace K-mart $5

I think this outfit would be great for a night out on the town and for the next outfit I have dressed it down for a casual look!

Outfit 4

  • Black Midi Skirt – As Above
  • White Ruffle Singlet – K-mart ( from my wardrobe! )
  • Black Wool Hat E-bay $10
  • White Slides K-mart $10
  • Beach Bag K-mart $15
  • Metallic Geo Necklace – Daily Style $22

And Daisy the Border Collie!

For the last look I’ve gone for a little more G L A M O U R!

  • Black Midi Skirt – As Above
  • Lace Top – K-mart ( from my wardrobe! )
  • Strappy Heels – K-mart $5
  • Pearl Necklace – K-mart $5
  • Bag – Equip ( from my wardrobe! )

I’m thinking this outfit could maybe possibly make an appearance for my 40th celebrations!!

Do you like the midi skirt trend? I’m hoping it sticks around for a while longer as I’ve got a few more outfits in mind with items in my wardrobe! There are a number of midi skirts on sale at the moment. Try Asos – Target – Portmans –Forever New – Valley Girl – Ally Fashion just to name a few!

Happy Friday lovely people

Malinda xxx

** A huge THANK YOU to my gorgeous Grace for taking all the photo’s **

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22 thoughts on “5 Fabulous Ways to Wear a Midi – Skirt!

  1. I love all of these looks on you! I think I may have even tried to buy the same black ASOS midi a month or so ago but was sold out in my size, boooo. It’s still chilling in my Saved Items zone hoping for a restock. Tarj have another cute floral midi out on the racks at the moment that I’m hanging for – but I’m not paying $59 for it . . . they have been quite uppity with some of their price points lately, despite this “we’ve lowered loads of our prices” thing they have going on! They are still TARGET!!

    1. I agree Beth! Target is getting a bit uppity for me too, they do have some beautiful stuff but if I wanted to pay those prices I’d go to Myer! I love the Asos skirt, only downfall no pockets! It has a faux leather waistband does that sound like your one? I’m getting a bit more confident in my online shopping…… have had success with the last few things I bought re sizing.
      Have a great weekend xx

      1. Ah, no, this one definitely had pockets which was what made me super devastated when it was sold out! I’ve had a few fails lately but on balance I’m usually lucky. Being an ASOS premier member has paid for itself in terms of free express shipping and free returns – has allowed me to take a few risks on items I wouldn’t normally trust! Have a fantastic Australia Day!

    1. Thanks for the double dose of love Leanne! I have to agree with you as I like the first and last outfits the most too! Hope you have some success on line, make sure you post a photo on insta when you find something! Thanks for having a read xx

  2. Midi skirts suit my body shape but I have always thought they can be a bit frumpy. But you have proven they are anything but! Love all those looks – and the fact they are all totally attainable and affordable. Brilliant!

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much Carolyn! You’ve made my day as I was hoping someone might see the post and change their mind about midi-skirts and hopefully get some ideas on how to style them!
      Thanks for stopping by for a read xx

    1. Thanks Vicki!
      I’m glad you liked the post. I love the midi skirts as they hide a multitude of sins!
      Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it 😊
      Malinda x

  3. This is easily my favourite length of skirt (I am tall!). I like an A line, though, not something so full as I have enormous hips and no inkling to dance the jive. x

    1. Haha I have no desire to dance the jive either! A-line’s don’t really work for me and I like the fall of a full skirt or a box-pleat, they help to balance out my skinny legs! x

    1. Wow thanks Sonia! That means a lot coming from you as I just adore your style and love seeing your outfit posts on IG!
      I’m feeling the need to add to my collection!
      Malinda x

    1. Thank you Sarah, that’s really lovely of you to say! I to like the first and third the most there’s just something about black lace that is so old Hollywood glamour to me! xxx Malinda

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