Perfectly Pleated

Hello Hump Day!

Last week I shared my tips for styling a midi-skirt. After such a great response to the post ( thanks everyone for your lovely comments! ) I thought I would share my tips for wearing another of my favourite style’s ….. the Pleated Maxi!

I’m wearing a beautiful blue pleated maxi from Best and Less that is currently still available on their website for a mere $5.00!!

I kid you not…… see it here!

Now as much as I lurve this skirt the only issue I have with it is the dreaded…..

ELASTIC WAISTBAND!! (which was not enough of an issue to prevent me buying it!)

Even someone as straight up and down, tall and lanky as me can end up feeling frumpy at the mere mention of elastic. And nobody wants to feel like that!

My solution to this HUGE dilemma ( because you know it really is a first world problem!) is to try and style the skirt in such a way that you either disguise the waistband or draw attention away from it.

First up the disguise….

I’m wearing a wide tan belt to cover over the waistband with a simple white singlet. The singlet being snug sits nicely under the skirt and the belt helps to disguise any puckering around the waist. I added the vest to give more coverage over the hips along with a bright tassel necklace and bracelet for a pop of colour! The singlet is from the Best and Less basics range and the vest I’ve had for many years!

Another way I like to wear this skirt is with a t-shirt or singlet knotted at the front or to the side. I’m a big fan of the knot!

With some skirts, particularly one like this it’s just to difficult to tuck your tops into it and leaving the top out just adds to the frumpiness! ( is that even a word??)

Here’s my way of drawing your attention elsewhere…..

By adding a statement necklace or a bright t-shirt hopefully your not looking at the elastic waistband and my attempts to distract you have worked! (insert evil laugh mwhahahaha!! )

Seriously though I know these looks might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you have a skirt similar to this one or if you’re thinking of buying one perhaps these ideas might give you a teeny bit of inspiration to try something different!

Here’s more inspiration from Pinterest!

* note they don’t all have elastic waistbands but they’re just so pretty! *

My Favourite! Elegant + Chic
My Favourite! Elegant + Chic


Pretty + Edgy
Pretty + Edgy


Cool + Colourful
Cool + Colourful


Have a great Wednesday everyone…… remember fashion should be FUN!

Malinda xxx

** Special thanks to my brother Michael for taking the first three photo’s **







18 thoughts on “Perfectly Pleated

    1. Hahaha I’m never sure when I write these posts, sometimes words sound better in your head!! I love a good knot xx

  1. Yep, love this! I don’t mind an elastic waistband because as you say they’re easy to disguise! Feeling the need to check this one out now….

  2. I DO have a skirt with just that problem! It’s a lovely flowy praire skirt which I adore in summer (not that it’s summer up here!) and it’s gorgeous except for the bloody great waistband that makes me feel I should also be wearing depends knickers. Big belts aren’t great for me as I sadly possess nothing resembling a waist, but distracting is something I can definitely try – if the snow ever melts!! Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome Claire!
      May I ask where you are? I would love some snow here as we’re in the middle of a heatwave!
      I hope you get some sun so you can try out the distracting technique…. I find it very useful!
      Thanks so much for stopping by
      Malinda xx

    1. Thanks Sonia
      I’m definitely not lacking in the height department but wouldn’t mind some extra curves in other areas!
      Have a great weekend x

  3. You look gorgeous and I love each of those three outfit options. I love a pleated maxi but always struggle to get one that doesn’t make me look short and frumpy – I’ll check out this one at Best and Less next time I go to my local shopping centre after seeing how nicely you have styled it! xo

    1. Oh thanks Belinda, that’s really lovely of you to say!
      My best advice if you end up buying a maxi is just play around with it and go through your wardrobe…… you never know what you might find! I’m always coming across stuff 😉
      Thanks for stopping by xxx

  4. You look gorgeous! I have an elastic pleated maxi skirt too, definitely drawing attention away from the elastic waist is best. Yours is a gorgeous colour. Rachel x

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