If We Took a Holiday!

Oh yeah, oh yeah

I know you’re singing away to Madonna….. it’s okay I won’t tell anyone!

Family holidays……..hmmmmm

My recollection of family holidays growing up is minimal. We just didn’t go on holidays, not that I can really remember. Being the youngest of four kids going to my Nana’s house was all the escape I needed! If we did perchance go anywhere my memories are this…

Youngest (and smallest) person get’s squished into the middle seat of our 1972 Mercedes ( not as flash as it sounds! ), since it was the 80’s and passive smoking wasn’t really a thing yet ALL the windows are up while my mum puffs away. Add to this smoke filled torture chamber on wheels countless cassettes of country music, apparently every child needs to know the words to Dolly Parton’s 9-5 or Tammy Wynette’s classic tear jerker D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Pure bliss wouldn’t you agree!

Fast forward to 2015 and it’s a much different scenario for our kidlettes. For starters neither hubby or myself smoke so big win right there although I have been known to torture those in my car with Taylor Swift!

So earlier this month we headed off on a family road trip to the picturesque wine region of Margaret River. Six fun filled nights of family bonding. I’m not gonna lie, my kids don’t fight or annoy each other any less when we are on holidays but at least the scenery is much prettier while I referee countless disputes!

Vasse Virgin
Vasse Virgin

This is not our first road trip but I have to say you are never to old to learn a thing or two about travelling with kids / teenagers.

For instance

  • Always supervise your thirteen year old daughter when she packs for a trip. No matter how cute high waisted shorts and a crop top look they aren’t going to keep you warm! Lucky for Miss 13 I over pack so she didn’t freeze her butt off!
  • Pack every charger known to man. Ever. Otherwise you will incur the wrath of whoever’s iPhone / DVD Player / iPad / Laptop / iPod that cannot be charged. And here I was thinking the point of going away was to spend time with each other!
  • FOOD. Enough said. We ate out a lot this trip but someone ( including the big kid ) is always hungry!

I am of course taking the mickey…. kinda.

Here’s what I know to be true for our family when it comes to getting away.

As much as the kids complained about having to share a room the chatter and laughter tells a different story. I know we’ll remember the horses on next doors property that would trot over each morning to say hi. Playing Family Feud in our little home away from home while eating toasted sandwiches served on paper plates. Hours spent playing mini-golf and swimming. Watching a cicada hatch from it’s cocoon, for my two David Attenborough fans this was quite a moment for them!

I asked the kids to write down what they liked most about the trip, here’s there top 3

Miss 13 – The placed we stayed ( food, pool, horses ) – The Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory – The pretty beach aka Meelup Beach

Mister 11 – Swimming in the pool – The Amaze’n Maze – Snorkelling at Meelup Beach

Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty

And here’s what I enjoyed. Apart from spending time away with hubby and the kids of course!

  • Amaze’n – Hands down the BEST maze I have ever been to. I loved everything about this place. My photo’s don’t do it justice so if you get a chance, head to their website and have a look. Definitely a must see!
  • The Berry Farm – I fell in love with this cute cottage a few years back. Delicious food and just so charming.
  • The Beaches – W.A has some of the most spectacular beaches. Meelup, Bunker Bay, Smiths, Prevelly and Redgate to name a few!
  • Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory – Located in Busselton you can take the train down the jetty to the Observatory. Amazing to see what is going on under the water!

While we were in Margaret River we stayed at The Quality Inn Margaret River. Clean, rooms serviced every second day and breakfast included every morning, gorgeous surrounds! Not a luxurious 5 Star resort but we loved it!

Poolside @ The Quality Inn
Poolside @ The Quality Inn

We also visited…

For me this was another great trip away as a family even with the occasional meltdown ( myself included! ). It’s so nice to break from routine, switch off the social media and just be together.

Where was your last family holiday?

Malinda xxx


Jumpin @ Cape Naturaliste
Jumpin @ Cape Naturaliste
Jumpin @ Cape Naturaliste
Jumpin @ Cape Naturaliste

6 thoughts on “If We Took a Holiday!

    1. Hahaha yep she sure does! Don’t know where she got that from 😉 We had a great time it’s such a lovely place to chill out x

  1. That looks like the most awesome place. We havent done a road trip for a few years now. We did Bali last year and the boys loved sharing their own villa and I loved hearing the late night giggles and antics knowing they were creating memories xx

    1. If you’re ever in WA Sonia the whole South – West region is amazing and very family friendly! We had a great time x

    1. I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog this week Nat so I’m really sorry for the late reply!! We had a great time and that South – West region is the perfect place to get some R & R! xxx

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