TBH ( To Be Honest )

It’s official.

My mo-jo is now mo-go as in out the door, gone, see ya later.

And you know what? I’m not entirely sure I care!

Actually that’s not true. I do care just not as much as I probably should right now.

I’ve spent lot’s of time this past week thinking about blogging, Instagraming, Facebooking, the whole shebang!

Here’s what I know. It’s HARD

It’s hard to get your post’s seen, to get numbers up, to get IG and FB likes and followers. Honestly someday’s I feel like an accountant with all the numbers and stat’s taking over what little brain space is left!

I love blogging, I really do. I know I’ve talked about this before and when you spend an enormous amount of time writing, editing and taking photo’s it becomes a job of sorts. Unfortunately a job I don’t get paid for. And that’s okay because I never started the blog to make money or become famous.

And while there is a lot to like about blogging there is some unlikable components as well.

I don’t like that some days it feels like high-school. For the record I didn’t love high- school the first time around and cliques are not for me! Then there’s the internet trolls…. thankfully I haven’t had to worry about that as yet. And there’s the PRESSURE! This is a big one for me and I know wholeheartedly that the only person putting pressure on me is me!

I always feel like I should be doing more. Blogging more, posting more photo’s. Posting photo’s that are interesting and perfect looking. The funny thing is that I know how much smoke and mirrors there is on FB and IG. I know that what you see isn’t always how it is.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do….

I’m going to stop and relax! Write when the mood strikes me and write about lots of different things.

I’m still going to post outfit photo’s but not everyday. I firmly believe that how you look and how you feel go hand in hand. For me to look what I feel is my best takes times and effort, it’s a process. Hair, make-up, contact lenses, kick ass shoes and outfit! ( shallow I know ) And TBH some days I can’t be bothered, so if I’m not feeling it I ain’t posting it!  Plus my wardrobe is not that extensive and shopping on a budget is still shopping.

I want to concentrate more on showing how to work with what you have rather than always buying something new.

As someone who talks a lot about fashion I get stressed and intimidated ALL the time about what people must think of my ramblings. Unless K-mart suddenly becomes K-Marni my look will always be that of someone who wants to be fabulous without spending a fortune, I think I do this quite well! And no my wardrobe isn’t all K-mart….. there’s Big W, Best and Less and Valley Girl to name a few! But it doesn’t stop me from doubting myself and wondering what I have to offer if the label doesn’t say Witchery, Country Road or Portmans! I love all these stores by the way but my credit card… not so much!

I’m getting off point. Basically what I’m saying is that I’m going to keep on keeping on with the blogging and IG and FB. At my own pace, ignoring the numbers because I really do enjoy what I’m posting about.

I’ll try to stop second guessing myself and comparing myself to others because as the saying goes…


Of all the tips and advice I have read about blogging and having a successful blog I think the best thing is to be


Be yourself. Love what you do. Believe in what you write. If people are genuinely interested in what you have to say they will keep coming back ( if you build it- they will come! )

Now to practice what I preach!

Happy Weekend

Malinda xxx

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26 thoughts on “TBH ( To Be Honest )

    1. Oh yes we all have days when we just can’t be bothered I’m sure! I love blogging too but I think I may have to get a ‘real’ job *sigh x

  1. I’m more Kmart than couture my dear, but you just have to rock it (like you do)! Who cares what everyone else is doing, we are all different people (and bloggers) and it’s so good to be authentic. No one likes a blog clone hahaha!

    1. Yes you are 100% right Em! Sometimes I just need a reminder that I’m on the right road with all this! Oh and to chillax a little! xx

  2. I get it, I really do. I’ve not been posting many pics of me lately as I’m just not feeling the love for the way I look at the moment. FWIW I love your blog, I love your ramblings and your outfits are cute! Who cares if your bags aren’t Mimco?!?! I only ever shop at the stores you mentioned when they’re on sale…x

    1. Thanks Vicki, it’s just so hard sometimes! And like I said the only person putting the pressure on is me. I think you are fabulous and love that you are similar to me with op-shopping and finding a bargain. Hope the new job is going well x

  3. I get you! I’m a fellow frugalista as you know and have very little in the way of luxe labels. Sure it would be nice to drop loads of dosh in the high-end stores every week but where’s the challenge in that? Making Kmizzle, Best & Less, Big Dub, Temt, Valleygirl and rando cheapy chain stores or op shops work for you (and you always look fab in your pics, btw) and have people compliment your looks and then look surprised when you tell them where it’s from . . . that’s what I get satisfaction from! Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably mildly stab someone for a black patent Mimco bag with rose gold hardware but when it comes down to it, I’d rather have the $500 in hand for other stuff.

    1. I love you Beth! I think for me the difficult part is blogging about fashion when you only talk about discount stores and how that is received but I have to say that I’ve had loads of great feedback so I’m feeling pretty good about everything. And don’t worry I’d stab someone too for a Mimco bag……but only mildly! And like you I get a buzz out of saying where I find my bargains x

  4. Can definitely relate, blogs are a lot of hard work and the social media side of things can be off putting and exhausting. I actually touch on a bit of this on my LBD challenge today. Probably not the place for it but I honestly have become rather disillusioned with the high school antics in social media town of late, not to mention the trolls that attacked my lack of a thigh gap recently. While I didn’t take any of it personally, I do worry about others, especially my three daughters seeing the negative and abusive comments.

    I think the best thing you can do is turn off the stats and just get back to having fun while you are still trying to find your blogging voice.

    1. Can’t believe pathetic foolery like that still gets a voice. You two ladies in particular have been so welcoming and responsive to me personally and I’ve felt really encouraged by your comments and likes! I only wish I was in WA so we could meet up for some RL hangs!

      1. I wish you were in Perth too Beth, imagine the fun we could have shopping!
        PS I’m currently awaiting two skirts from AliExpress!

    2. I know you get where I’m coming from Raych! I still can’t believe the amount of backlash you copped with the thigh gap, just ridiculous! I will take your advice on turning off the stats and blogging purely for the fun of it. xx

  5. You are awesome hun and however you choose to blog I will gladly lap it up. Blogging can be such hard work at times and you are so right, we are usually the ones putting pressure on ourselves. Make it work for you lovely so that you can continue to do something you love to do in a way that doesnt overwhelm or rob you of the joy xx

    1. Thanks Sonia, I’m learning that blogging can be many things. You are right that I need to find a way to make it work for me so I don’t loose the fun of it all. I am super duper excited to hear what your news will be! xx

  6. I love following you on IG – and you always look beyond amazing. It’s true that we are the ones who create the most pressure on ourselves. If it’s feeling more work, less joy, then you have to do what’s right for you. xxx

    1. Thanks Robyna, I’m a big fan of yours and your style also! I think the only reason it’s feeling more work than fun is really in my approach – I need to stop worrying where I fit in and just do what I love!

  7. oh Malinda, I hear you. I do it because I love it too. I love your posts, & you know what, there’s a place for all of us out there! If you ever feel like a coffee & a chat, let me know!!! x

  8. There sure is Shan! Now I feel like I’m being whiny over something trivial! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day 🙂 I would love to meet up with you, I’m thinking of organising an IG meet if you’re interested? xx

    1. Yes that is all so true! It’s hard to know how you will be received but I know it’s important to just write what makes me happy 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by x

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